Restore a Sailboat - April 2020

Well, we all wonder what the future of the month, next year or two will hold. It could go on without much of a hiccup, or, we just might have restrictions for a long time. But hey, I like to plan for the best so I keep tinkering getting this boat ready for what good... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - March 2020

I got a lot moving forward  this month, but little is finished. Had days of sanding waiting for warm weather to paint and varnish. Watch the list get short quick with warm weather!  However, with the health and movement restrictions put in place by the government, I lost one solid weekend of work, not sure... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - February 2020

It’s the shortest month of the year, I’ve turned up the heat to get things done! And had lots of progress. 296. How is the mast standing? Why didn’t it fall over while sailing?  I don’t know!  A clevis pin on one shroud is over length and at quick glance one might think it is... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - January 2020

Winter is flying by, I better start putting in the time in the shipyard to get 43 projects complete by mid-May.  I only completed 2 projects in the past two months.  This isn’t gonna work at this pace.  A couple solid weekends will shorten the list quickly. However, I headed south for two weeks at... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - December 2019

It is amazing to me that after 2-1/2 years, I still find things that aren’t quite right that get added to the list. None of them major, just minor annoying things that don’t take a lot of time to fix.  One cotter pin at the deck holding an upper shroud is about 1/2″ overlength and... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - November 2019

Winter time projects commence! During the month I hit a milestone – my 100th day just working on it since April of 2017 to restore this boat. Made progress on many different projects during the month, but completed very few. 285. Added a remark on the fuel dipstick, “Add 9oz of Marvel Mystery Oil /... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - October 2019

What a really short summer. Since we got the boat back Labor Day weekend, every opportunity to sail was used, so projects didn’t get much time.  Launching in early June, back in the shipyard in later October with 4 months and 3 weeks since we left, but then there were the 6 weeks out of... Read more »

Would you like to go for a boat ride Wednesday 10/23/2019?

Hello Readers: It’s time to put the boat away in the shipyard for the winter. It requires going through the Chicago Lock to enter the Chicago River and then through all of the bridges in downtown Chicago.  Probably goes from 8am to 3:30pm.  Would you like to help and make this trip and see Chicago... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - August/September 2019

We get the call that the new engine is installed in the boat, some other repairs concluded and she is ready for us.  When? Labor Day weekend.  Some six summer sailing weeks of summer after we last saw her. Two of us, my Dad and I, take off motoring at midnight Friday of Labor Day... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - July 2019

The boat is getting into really good shape, not quite finished, but there’s no excuse not to sail her a ton.  And that’s the plan for the rest of the summer. With the Chicago Bridges uncooperative, our first race of June 8 was abandoned since we were moving the boat to the lakefront instead.  June... Read more »