I am a resident of the South Side of Chicago. I grew up on the South Side of the city in a 2-flat apartment building that was owned by my Grandmother. She lived on the first floor of the building while I, along with my parents and younger brother lived on the second floor. I was born at the beginning of the Chicago Bulls' dynasty in 1990.

Being born at a time when the Bulls were the epicenter of the basketball universe coupled alongside being in a family that were (in my eyes) undoubtedly the biggest Bulls fans in the city, shaped my fandom. While I can't recall any actual Bulls games prior to the '95-'96 season, there's family photos of me wearing Bulls gear and many memories from the seemingly bottomless pit of Bulls t-shirts and shorts that my parents owned to the mountain of season-by-season game tapes that my Grandmother kept on VHS. While some may journey to say that this borders along the lines of an obsession, it was these very family extremes that helped to introduce me to the game of basketball.

That love for basketball would grow into a love for writing and that love for writing pushed me to attend Columbia College Chicago where I would attain Bachelor's Degree in Sports Writing Journalism.

When I'm not obsessing over my love for the Chicago Bulls and the game of basketball in general, other non-sport interests include Sneaker collecting, Architecture and scouring the internet for vintage clothing.

To keep up with me on all things Chicago Bulls, you can follow me on Twitter: @RegSince1990