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Big happy birthday to my brother, Tommy!

Also, did you know today is Flag Day? I didn’t either, 13 years ago, until dad took us 3 kids to the cafeteria to get food while we were visiting mom and newborn Tommy in the hospital. All the plates, napkins, and cups were red white and blue. Ever since, Tommy has absolutely loved the... Read more »

Is being deaf a blessing or a curse?

Is being deaf a blessing…or a curse? Sometimes I can’t decide. Some days it’s funny. A while back, I was trying to figure out why someone was talking about zombies. For the life of me, I can’t remember what the actual subject was, but I do remember I thought he was talking about zombies. Or... Read more »

Shit hearing people say to deaf people

Hearing people sometimes say crazy things to deaf people, especially deaf people who have some hearing or wear hearing aids. Here’s a list of the ones I can remember–and I will add more as I hear more. And please, please, share your own “Shit hearing people say” story in the comments! I will make another... Read more »