How I cope with stress and anxiety at work

Stress, anxiety, and depression all make it rather hard to focus on work. Let alone GO to work.

Some days I just want to hide in bed or camp out at home with my pencil and plastic eraser in hand, drawing, because you know, drawing pictures at work when it's not part of your job might invite a discussion with Human Resources about what is and isn't appropriate for work.

But there are a few things that are work appropriate that help me get through the day. Or at least it might help disrupt the anxiety cycle just enough for me to reboot.

Not included but but are also acceptable options:

Hiding under the desk if you have the luxury of shutting an office door to hide with impunity. Otherwise, do this with caution.

Food. Glorious food.

Lunchtime walks to walk off the snacks (If at all possible. I mean, if you work in the industrial district, then this might not be so pleasant.)


What are some of your ways of coping with stress, depression, and anxiety?

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