Ever feel like an impostor?

Ever feel like an impostor?

Have you ever sympathized with this photo?

Or this one?

humansuits2(I promise this is not a political post, by the way.)

Some days, the "productive and perky member of society" suit doesn't feel like a suit but an extension of yourself. These are the good days, when you can GET STUFF DONE(tm). Interacting with people feels natural, and not draining. And maybe, just maybe, you have a little bit of energy to spend on housework after work.

Other days...human suits are itchy. Ill-fitting. It's uncomfortable having to "act" and act "normal," whatever normal is, because you're not quite sure if you're overthinking it in trying to pretend to be normal that it's so obvious you're pretending, and oh God are they staring at me because my veneer, my human suit, is starting to slough off?

And these suits are heavy. I forget how many pounds they say the human skin is, but it's probably around 50 lbs or so, because by the end of the day all I want to do is to shed this persona, drop the impostor-ing, and go to sleep.

You know, I raised a question about why the heck am I so sleepy sometimes. Maybe this is one piece to the puzzle. Maybe I am an alien and putting on my suit in the morning just wears me out and I get into a frenzy of anxiety, and then conk out like a toddler after a tantrum. I don't know.

If you are a fellow impostor pretending to be functional, welcome! It's so nice to find others like us.

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