Potty-training as a working parent

Potty-training as a working parent

Back in the old days when I was little and my siblings were little, and my mom stayed at home, she simply planned on a few days of laundry and steam-cleaning and naked baby butts for potty training.

First, the kid would run around half nekkid until they looked like they were about to pee--then mom (or my brother or I) would do a run-grab-run-pee maneuver, which risked having a dribble of pee all along the carpet for the reward of finally getting them to go in the potty.

After a few days of this, my siblings and I were mostly potty-trained. Poop usually afforded a little extra time to run to the loo, thank God--the strained faces, possibly one loose turd in the undies, but mostly it worked.

But...what do you do when you both work? And what do you do when you have a toddler that likes having all the freedom of panties but hates the idea of the toilet? Who keeps throwing perfectly good dry diapers into the trashcan, and would rather run around nekkid?

Yesterday morning, she wriggled out of her diaper with Houdini-like deftness and trashed a perfectly good diaper, because it was 'yucky.'

How about underwear? (Pull-ups).

'No diaper! Yucky."

It's underwear! I lied. See, it has cute butterflies....don't you want to wear underwear like Mommy?

No! Yucky!

Let's put them on.

No! Shoes!

You want to put on shoes? Okay, we can put on shoes. And socks too. How about underwear?

No! Jacket!

Great, let's put on a jacket and some underwear--

No underwear! Yucky!

So then I had a toddler clad in a thigh-length jacket, shoes, and socks, and nothing else, and she was all ready to go to work with me.

I left to high-pitched screeching because that was kind of obviously not an option. My poor patient husband had to somehow wrestle her into diapers AND clothes AND a coat before daycare that morning. I have no idea how he managed to do it. Oh, and he had to grab the laundry too, because our dog pooped on the carpet and the little one dragged her favorite blankie over the poop.

Such is parenthood when we both temporarily grapple with the option of letting her cuddle up with it. There were no visible spots, right? Sanity prevailed, as it were.

But anyway.

Tell me your stories of potty training when both parents work. Please. Especially potty-training stubborn little ones. Please and thank you.

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