Gain two sizes in two months? You'll never believe this 1 weird trick!

Gain two sizes in two months? You'll never believe this 1 weird trick!

Cue a bad gif of someone jiggling their belly fat. Or sometimes it's a dancing banana. Just something that FORCES you to look at it.

And get curious about what the heck that one weird trick is. (Spoiler alert: there is no weird trick.)

In this case, though, there is one not-so-weird trick. It's very easy in fact. Just as easy as taking a pill or two.

So, you want to gain two sizes in two months?

I first recommend taking Seroquel, and then switching to Abilify right before the holidays.

Seroquel was an instant 10lbs. Pants that fit only 4 days ago wouldn't even ZIP, let alone button. And the weight kept coming on, probably because I was so sleepy all the time that my body was in sleep metabolism stage 24/7.

By the time I started Abilify, I was hovering around 180lbs. It didn't shoot up, but it's, erm, climbing steadily still.

And yet...and yet, there's a theory I have now. I and my doctors. It's certainly a possibility.

Did you know many forms of birth control contribute to depression?

Some even have risks of emotional lability.

I think getting the Nexplanon messed me up, without me realizing it, then after the trip to the psych ward, we added some mood stabilizers/atypical antipsychotics, which then made me gain weight.

Yes. Nexplanon sent me to the psych ward, it seems.

That's the one weird trick that made me gain weight.

And look, you didn't have to click through endless ads to see the answer!


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