Homeschool diploma flap: do they really need a GED?

The headline caught my eye. I mean, why wouldn't it?

Christian homeschoolers cry discrimination after trade schools ask for proof they learned something

I laugh-snorted while reading it. The laugh was a little bit because the headline was spot on with HSLDA's sense of entitlement, and a little bit out of sadness because there are enough homeschoolers with significant educational deficits either out of neglect or the ineptness of their parents to make these trade schools nervous.

I know of people whose math skills were lacking and they struggled in college. Or they had to take remedial classes before taking the college level classes. Or maybe their science skills consists of "God made the earth and some things are still a mystery. Isn't it wonderful?" Or maybe their history was strongly colored by the Abeka or Bob Jones textbooks.

I used to know people who could barely write in coherent sentences. I don't know what happened to them, and I'm a little afraid to find out.

I'm not one of these poorly educated homeschoolers, fortunately. For all my dad's faults, he did pretty decently. He kind of had to, because he holds us up as a homeschooling in high school success story. We needed to be good examples for all the people who don't believe that homeschooling produces any duds--because any negative side to homeschooling had to be hidden for fear of evil governmental regulation of our education.

Fortunately, for most of us, it seems like our gaps even out in college. It just makes some classes more difficult than others, and we might struggle a bit, needing help from tutors. Or maybe we struggle with college in general and pursue careers that don't require a BA or a BS. One thing a fair number of homeschoolers do is pursue technical and career education--maybe they have an aptitude for plumbing? Carpentry? They certainly make more money than the highly educated stuck in entry level jobs.

But my point is college. College does smooth gaps out. Completing a degree at an accredited institution is proof that they know something. That they're properly educated.

Which is HSLDA's point in this particular case. (dear God, did I just post a positive link to HSLDA for once?). One student had a bachelors', and the other had an EMT certificate.  And yet that wasn't enough for the police force because they didn't have an accredited high school diploma.

I can see asking the student with the EMT certificate to complete a GED, depending on what the EMT training is like. Maybe. That's a stretch, but I'm trying to see where the police force is coming from. I would absolutely require a GED from someone who got their degree from an unaccredited institution, like Pensacola.

But the student with a bachelors' from an accredited institution? Requiring a GED is ridiculous.

So, I think this IS one of those rare cases where HSLDA is correct about homeschool discrimination.

Even a broken clock is right two times a day.

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