Woodworking in an apartment

It's that time of year again for home improvement.

After being cooped up inside all winter, I have a list of all of the things I need to do in the apartment to create space out of nothing. (Vertical space! Walls! Hidden areas that can become storage!)

Alas, we have a gazillion medical bills already after three ER visits (so far) this year, so there's really not much to spare for some of the really nice fancy wood furniture. Or even particleboard furniture. But I really was tired of the messy space underneath the loft bed in the living room--it just is so unusable. What can I do with it? Make my own out of common board.

The plans were drawn up based on limited equipment. I have some skills, I mean, everything I learned about woodworking came from Norm Abram's Workshop. I loved that show as a kid. But honestly, I don't have the proper table saws or spaces for mitered corners or other skillful connections. I have a saw, a  hammer, a drill, nails, and screws, and lots of wood glue.

But it didn't quite turn out like I'd expected.

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