Appendicitis or ovarian cyst? Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the hospital bill

I don't think I can ever learn to love the ER bill.

We haven't gotten it yet, because we opted for "bill me later" since we're still paying off the ungodly number of doctor and hospital visits last year that has taken up residence on our credit cards. We even hit the family out of pocket maximum early on in the year thanks to my husband's gallbladder surgery and the birth of our child, making my gallbladder surgery free.

Buy two get one free?


(Seriously, hospitals, that should be a thing.)

But anyway, last Saturday I felt sick to my stomach, nauseous, and it hurt weird in my side. Baby Girl had the shits. I figured we both had a stomach bug. We both rested up that day.

Sunday, the pain in my side was worse. It was right where the appendix is supposed to be.

And we had JUST promised not to go to the hospital again this year. My body is an asshole. Thanks, asshole body. I guess it's a testament to Northwestern that my body likes them so much. Maybe it's because they take better care of it than I do. Seriously, all the tension I hold all the time makes my back all kinked up, and I can crack it like nobody's business, and it freaks people out.

I looked at everything online, revising my searches based on what I found. It's a thing--once you figure out the right terminology for what you're feeling, it improves searches. (Friendly librarian tip of the day!)

"Pain in right side hurts to bend."
"Pain in LRQ."
Rebound tenderness pain LRQ."

Either it was cancer or appendicitis. Might possibly be a cyst, but that was wayyyy down on the rankings of possibility.

I really didn't want to go to the hospital. "Let's wait it out. Maybe it'll go away."


Ignore it and maybe it will go away


Isn't that a great philosophy? But alas, my husband is a stickler for the rules. And everything online said "if you think it's the appendix, go to the ER."

Well, shit. We did. Pain meds (glorious pain meds) and tests and a clingy 1 year old who really preferred sitting with Mama in the hospital bed, instead of Daddy in the chair. Who cares that I need an IV put in, or that sitting on my tummy made it hurt? She wanted cuddles!

The CT scan showed nothing wrong with the appendix or the ovaries, although they noted fluid down in my pelvic region. So in short, they had no idea what was wrong, but I'm doing okay and here's some pain meds for a few days and follow up with my doctor within two weeks. scumbag

I went home and Googled. Still could be appendicitis--often people miss it in women because they think it's the ovaries when it's really not. SO IT COULD STILL BE APPENDICITIS. SHIT.

I saw my OBGYN, and her theory is that it's actually a ovarian cyst that popped. Hence the pain (the right ovary is really close to the appendix) and the fluid. If the pain continues for a week, come back in for more tests.

The pain went away Weds.

Scumbag ovary.

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