Allergies, teething, or an ear infection?

Allergies, teething, or an ear infection?

If the baby is fussy and pulls on her ears, you will think she has an ear infection, but you're not sure. You wait a few days. You will try giving her Tylenol. She will take that because she likes the taste of it.

Then you will try to give her Zyrtec for her crusty noseies and eyes. She will hate the taste of it and yell and spit it out. You will then debate how much she spat out and whether it's safe to try again, or give her a tiny bit to make up for the dose. Then you will get anxious because you don't want to overdose the baby.

The baby will not want to go to sleep. You have given her a bath, read books, played YouTube videos, and given her a bottle. She enjoys it, then wiggles out of your lap and gets down to the floor.

Then she will make a beeline toward the dog food. So you put the dog's dish up. She will then want to splash the dog's water. You pick her up and bring her back. She wants to keep playing. She will cry when she plays, and she will cry when you try to sit down again with another bottle.

You discover that Captain Chris Hadfield's cover of Space Oddity is perfect for putting her to sleep. It sounds good to you too. So you keep replaying it until you are sure she is 100% asleep. If you try to put her down when she is less than 100% asleep, she will wake up and think she had a nap. Try moving her legs. If they flop around, she is 100% asleep.

But most of the time you fall asleep in the chair, too, until your husband comes home from work at 10pm and wakes you up so you can go to bed. You realize you haven't showered in a few days, so you shower and brush your teeth. You crawl into bed and fall asleep.Your husband does, too.

Two hours later, your husband pokes you and signs the word "milk." Baby Girl has woken up crying. Usually she drinks her milk and falls back asleep.

However, lately she stays awake after having milk. Because you are tired, you put her between the two of you in the bed in the hopes she will decide to lay her busy little head down and sleep. She doesn't. She goes over to Daddy's side and pats his head. She wants a hug. Daddy gives her a hug. Maybe she will fall asleep with Daddy.

She kicks Daddy in the balls. Daddy pushes her back over to Mommy's side.

She amuses herself by beeping Mommy's nose. Because when she beeps Mommy's nose, Mommy usually says "BEEP." Or sometimes Mommy barks, and that is hilarious. Mommy pretends to sleep. She then tries to pull Mommy's nose off of her face. (the scar is still there.)   Then she realizes she doesn't feel good and cries and scratches Mommy's face up some more (There's scars on the cheek and chin, too.) Mommy makes a mental note to trim her little nails again.

Then Baby Girl wants to stand up. She tries standing up on the foam mattress and bangs the headboard against the wall. She slips and bonks her head on the headboard. She cries again. Daddy brings another bottle, and Mommy tries to get her to sleep again.

Baby Girl wants another hug from Daddy. Daddy hugs her, then rolls over so she can't kick him in the balls again.

So she plays with Mommy. At 4 am, Mommy gives up and takes her to the living room to play. Mommy makes tea, and tries to put the boiling kettle in the fridge.

Because after several days Baby Girl is still really fussy at night, Mommy and Daddy decide to take her to the doctor. Right before it's time to go, Baby Girl decides to sleep. Of course. Mommy is really tempted to sleep, too, but they go anyway.

The doctor said it's not an ear infection. Just really bad allergies. The cough is from drainage, and she probably is having sinus pain like Daddy and Mommy. Her ears might be itchy, but they look fine.

The doctor writes a prescription for Singulair and recommends a HEPA filter. Mommy wished he wrote a prescription for sleep. Hopefully the two will work, though, and eventually Mommy and Daddy and Baby Girl can all sleep soundly again.

Mommy is pessimistic though and is hoping for a hard frost soon.

But when the hard frost comes and the allergies end, Baby Girl will probably start teething again.


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