To the 2 year old boy on the Green Line

To the 2 year old boy on the Green Line

Dear little guy,

I saw you and your mommy board the Green Line train the other day. You looked like you were two years old. Maybe three? You had a really cool yellow truck that was going 'vroom! vroom!' in the window.

You are a good boy. You were being careful on the seats, and you were careful not to drop your truck on anybody else. But your mommy didn't notice that. She seemed angry and she was yelling at you and ignoring you. Then she threatened to hit you with her phone. Then she spanked you. I don't know why she wanted to hit you and spank you.

Remember, hitting is not okay. I know your mommy was probably frustrated, but hitting is never okay, and your mommy made a bad decision. It is confusing when your mommy takes care of you and hits you. I could see you being confused. Adults call it ambivalence, or anxious-avoidant attachment. It's a lot of big words, but you know what?

You are smart. I can tell you are soo smart and curious. And you are so kind and sweet. You waved at my baby girl, and my baby girl was sleeping and she waved back at you.

You know the guy that was sitting next to you? He was nice to you, too. He gave you back your truck when you dropped it once. He and I were watching when your mommy was making bad choices. We were so sad for you.

I was watching when your mommy wanted to hit you and when your mommy spanked you when you were doing nothing wrong. I wanted to hug you and yell at your mommy and tell her to be nicer to you, but I was scared.

I know you were scared of your mommy, too. I'm sorry I was scared. I wish I talked to your mommy and asked her to be nicer.

Maybe your mommy is nice most of the time. Maybe she had a bad day. But if she does it all the time, that is wrong. It's not nice.

When you grow up, if your mommy is still mean to you and if your mommy tries to hit you, tell a teacher. Make sure you tell teachers at your school. Or tell somebody else older that you trust. They will help make sure you are safe, because we  want to make sure you know you are loved and that you are safe.

All little ones deserve to be safe and loved.

Including you.


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