Will this petition finally take the Duggars off air?

Will this petition finally take the Duggars off air?

Could we compel TLC finally cancel the show (and all specials) of 19 Kids and Counting?

I stumbled across a HuffPo article that linked to a Change.org petition asking TLC to cancel the Duggars because of anti-LGBTQ fearmongering. It's old news, related to some robocalls in Arkansas that Michelle Duggar recorded that compared transgender people to pedophiles and predators, and the petition was created after that, and grew slowly.

Somehow, it became super popular very quickly. It's probably related to them taking down a photo and banning a blogger because it showed him and his husband kissing.

I don't get it, though.

Why is the family's anti-LGBTQ views finally cause to take it off air, and not their support of abusive child-rearing tactics?

It just took stories of "Mama" June reigniting her flame with a pedo to get Honey Boo Boo off the air, but the Duggar support of "To Train up a Child" (which led to the deaths of many children) wasn't bad enough? Not even their association with the creepy predator, Bill Gothard, who is known for sexually harassing young women and grooming them to be his wife?

It's also incredibly well-known that the Duggars are the epitome of "conservative Christians," who believe the nation should be based on (their idea of) Christian ideals and that laws should be based on (their interpretation of) the Bible. I'm not shocked that the photo of a blogger kissing his husband was taken down from the Duggar Facebook page, nor that he was banned.

The guy knew what he was doing (I question Entertainment Online calling the guy a "fan" of the show), and it turned into blog fodder for him, which is probably why the petition took off again, because it reminded everyone just how hateful the Duggars are about LGBTQ individuals.

But why is that just now the reason to try to petition TLC? Where was this same fervor when the Duggars supported child-abusive organization, individuals, and books?

I guess I know why. Fighting against child abuse isn't sexy. Fighting for LGBTQ rights are.

But if this finally causes TLC to cancel the show, then maybe it's a good thing that this one issue is causing such an outcry.

But on the other hand, if TLC did cancel 19 Kids and Counting, would this mean less news coverage of abuse within the Duggarish brand of homeschooling? Or would it free up the media to publish more, and more critical, stories? If it's the latter, then I support the petition. It feels like it's not politically correct to point out abuse within homeschooling families, as Homeschoolers Anonymous frequently finds out based on the criticism and rebuttals they face online (which they occasionally share on their Facebook page.)

As good as the petition and cause is, please don't let LGBTQ issues overshadow child abuse.

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