The PUQE score, or, c'mon can morning sickness end already??

Some brilliant idiots developed a way to quantify morning sickness, and they named it the PUQE score.

Haha, get it? The puke score? You KNOW they had to wrangle the words around just to get that acronym, because Pregnancy-Unique Quantification of Emesis/Nausea is not the natural way of saying things.

Here's an online test.

It's a way to validate your morning sickness feeling "man, I WAS feeling crappy after all".

Or it's a way to make you curse the system "what do you mean moderate?? I was sick as a dog for DAYS. I should be classified as severe!"

Or you're like me, and thinking both at the same time. Even at my worst nausea, I never got into the severe category, thanks to Diclegis (or vitamin B6+Unisom) and Zofran. Which was good, I guess, because I was able to limp into work and camp out at my desk doing as much as I could, which wasn't much at all.

Then I started feeling better a couple weeks ago, FINALLY and was so relieved. Just dry heave in the morning, pop a Zofran, and continue on my day. No more Sea Bands, no more Diclegis. Maybe eventually I won't even dry heave in the mornings anymore?

That lasted for about a week. Then the afternoon nausea came back. Then the evening nausea. And then I'd need Zofran in the middle of the night so I can fucking sleep. Then I'd need a second Zofran when my stomach threatened to spill its contents on my commuter bus.

It doesn't help that the cats try to comfort me because they think I'm having a hairball.

Fuck morning sickness. I want to feel better and get back to normal. I can deal with the fatigue, but nausea? Here's hoping this is just the short-lived last-hurrah of the nausea hormones then I can get on into my "honeymoon" second trimester, because c'mon, morning sickness, don't you know you're supposed to go away by week 12?

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