Chiberian staycation : A recipe for de-stressing

Chiberian staycation : A recipe for de-stressing

My husband and I were supposed to be in San Juan this week.

San Juan, where temperatures are in the mid-80s. Compared to Chicago, where the windchills are 20-below.


We had to scrub the trip because it turned out we owed the government $500, because my husband's work underestimated how good of a salesman he'd be--which means they underwithheld his taxes. $500 was about how much our trip would be. At least everything was cancellable, even the Southwest points which we got back. We only lost a few bucks when we reserved our lodging via Hostelworld because of the processing fee.

Secretly, I'm glad we cancelled. Even if it means we're missing our chance for some really warm summer weather.

I'm the type of person who stresses about money even when we're doing okay. I stress about getting the house absolutely clean and organized before vacations. I stress about everything related to vacations and traveling. I stress about finding good food and not getting sick.

That's not to mention the constant low-level stress I'd been feeling for the past few months. Perhaps some of it is seasonal affective or some low-level depression, but my husband can attest to my crankiness.

This staycation is exactly what I needed to reset my attitude.

We're not even being "tourists" and visiting the museums (our only Chicago tourist attraction on our agenda is the Garfield Park Conservatory tomorrow because WARM). church of warm

We're just sleeping in, taking Pepper for walks, going to thrift stores together, and generally hanging out since our work schedules don't usually give us daylight time together. We're also organizing our house and purging unused items.

That's it, really.

No major renovations. No big purchases or spring-cleanings. Just a little bit here and there to catch up and rest.

And it's simply divine.

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  • Sounds like a wonderful staycation. I love playing tourist in Chicago.

  • What a joy to do simple things! Garfield Park Conservatory is such a wonderful place to visit, too.

  • I could use such a vacation.

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