Can my cats get along with the new dog?

Can my cats get along with the new dog?

We adopted Pepper, a miniature schnoodle, a month ago, and it's been hilarious watching him and our three cats learn how to get along.  For this milestone, I thought I'd gather them all together and ask what they think of each other.

Pepper: That furry one is mean. I was just sleeping there with you on the chair when she all of sudden slapped me several times and hissed. I don't know what I did wrong!

Pumpkin: He breathed on me wrong.

Pepper: She does it all the time! She also slapped and hissed me when she walked by and I didn't even MOVE a muscle. I just looked at her.

Pumpkin: That stupid face needed slapping, and I wanted to play with him.

Pepper: I want to PLAY but you just hiss.

Joe: He barks so loud and whups his paw on my back. Why does he do that? He's mad at me? It's scary.

Pepper: The boy cat wants to have FUN, but he keeps running and hiding, so I chase him and it's fun! Then the furry one hisses at me and stops the fun. I don't like her.

Pumpkin: I have to stick up for that boy because he's a wuss. He doesn't know how to hiss or hit and that's why Stupid Face keeps trying to play with him all the time. And he doesn't know how dogs like Stupid Face play. He should see the fat round dog with the curly tail sometime. He was fun to play with. I would hit his butt and run away and he'd come barking and we'd chase each other. This wuss here would just hide.

Joe: The dog plays fetch with my mousies, and and he makes them all wet and it smells like his bones. I want to fetch them and he steals them from me.

Pumpkin: You need a backbone, kid. Hiss and hit is what I always say.

Pepper: His toys are SO MUCH FUN. FUN FUN FUN. They even rattle! And the cat runs for it too! So I can chase him too!

Mistletoe: ...while leaving a cloud of stink behind.

Pepper: I don't stink. And you smell good. And you're nice to me.

Mistletoe:  The dog doesn't know how to use the litter box.

Pepper: I LOVE the litter box! They're magic, because sometimes there are tasty clumps and sometimes there's none.

Mistletoe: He smells like farts all the time

Joe: He needs to clean his butt, like Missy had to teach me to clean mine.

Mistletoe:  he pees on the floor and eats my pee because he's stupid.

Pepper: That's pee? It's awesome. Sooooo tasty.

Mistletoe: But he is quiet, and I appreciate that. Except when you come home. Or the tall cuddly man-person comes home, then he barks and jumps and generally acts like an ignoramus.

Pepper: I LOVE when they come home! They're gone forever and I get hungry and lonely and when they come home i go outside and sometimes we go to the DOG PARK where I can run and run.

Mistletoe: It ruins the sacred belly-rub time that I am entitled to every time the humans walk in through the door. I don't want to get trampled.

Pepper: Belly rubs? I LOVE belly rubs!

Pumpkin: He always sleeps with his belly up for belly rubs, like an idiot. Exposing his soft underside. I have yet to pounce on it.

Pepper: That cat scares me. *whines*

Pumpkin: I know. *Purrr.* I know. Just wait until I'm ready to play with you. I always win.


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