Lasagna: Do you like yours firm or sloppy?

Lasagna: Do you like yours firm or sloppy?
Proper lasagna

Yesterday, I was reminded of the biggest disagreement I have with my husband: lasagna.

Yep. Lasagna.

We may have different opinions about kids, religion, politics, and other food like steak and deep dish (I hate both, he likes both), but we're able to strike a compromise, a balance, or find a place where we can tolerate the other's opinions.

Except for lasagna.

sloppy lasagna

Sloppy lasagna

He likes his lasagna noodles to be extra soft and for the whole thing to slide around and he likes beef and sausage in it.

I like mine to have structure--to keep its shape when cut and eaten, with no meat, and the noodles al dente, which is usually best achieved by boiling the noodles in the sauce available in the pan, and covering it with foil for most of the baking period, uncovering it for the last few minutes to get a toasted cheese top.

He calls mine "crunchy lasagna." I call his "gross.'

And we still can't find a happy spot where our lasagna opinions can coexist. The safest bet is to not make it at all.

We tried over three years ago, when we were still newlyweds. He made it his way, and I didn't like how the noodles slid all over and were too soft. It was like baby food.

Then I tried making it my way another week, but ran out of tomato sauce so I tried using ketchup as a substitute and it tasted absolutely horrible and too sweet that I had to throw the rest of it out because I couldn't stand it either, so he couldn't properly taste mine.

Every time since that we think about making lasagna again, we can't agree what recipe to use, and end up giving up the idea yet again.

Is there a recipe out there that will satisfy the both of us? Or are we doomed to never have homemade lasagna again?



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  • If this is your biggest disagreement, you are even luckier than I thought you were!

  • I know, right? Pretty much everything else we disagree on we can talk through, even if we can't resolve it right away. Lasagna, though....

  • Oh no! I want to be sad about your ketchup mishap, but it's actually hilarious! Hmmm, maybe bake in separate dishes and keep one in the over longer? Or give up and go out to eat. :)

  • In reply to Christine Arreola:

    *oven :)

  • In reply to Christine Arreola:

    That's what we usually do instead--go out to eat :D But I may try to make it in separate dishes and see what happens.

  • I vote for keeping its shape. I got frustrated when I made the sloppy and soft a couple of times ago.

    Last time I made it the night before and then reheated it and that made a huge difference. I think its also better to let it sit for about 20 mins and then cut it too

  • In reply to Alan Rubenstein:

    But how can you stand to let it sit for about 20 minutes when it smells so good?

  • I voted for firm but the real key is that the outer edges of the lasagna are just a little crusty, not quite burned. I've been talking about making lasagna the last couple weeks and thanks to you now I shall. And it shall be firm and crusty.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    YES--it has to be crusty around the edges. That's the best part. I think that's why my husband calls it "crunchy lasagna."

  • Okay, that made me very hungry. Guess who has lasagna in the freezer? THIS LADY! Mmmm.

    PS- I had to vote twice, once for texture, once for ingredients. I'm quite invested in this debate.

  • I've never craved lasagna before 9 a.m. until today!

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