Christmas flu : to the tune of Jingle Bells

Christmas flu : to the tune of Jingle Bells
Used with permission from morguefile:

Note: I did get the flu shot.

Christmas flu, I hate you
And bronchitis too
I hope you go away
I want a good birthday.

It hit me like a truck
Fever, diarrhea,
Aches, chills, and lethargy
Doc said it was the flu.

I've got my Tamiflu
Only one Walgreens had it
Called out of work two days
I could hardly move


Thought I was getting better
Managed to make it to
Christmas Eve Mass with Purell
While avoiding people.

The next day my chest hurt,
And my lungs were gravelly, so
On Christmas Day I went to
Urgent care to see why


Now I've got bronchitis
And antibiotics,
Narrowly avoiding
Walking pneumonia.

Called out of work again,
Nobody else should have to
Be contaminated
By my germy coughing fits.


I'm going to Florida
With the hubs and in-laws
To ring in the new year
And celebrate my birthday

I need the warm and sun
To get through the rest of a
Cold Chicago winter.
I really need to get well!


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  • boo! Feel better soon. (interesting that you did get the flu shot.)

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Thanks, I hope I do, too! I can breathe a little better today at least.

    In retrospect, the flu shot did wipe me out for a couple of days after I got it in Nov--so I'm not sure if that has any correlation to me getting the flu now. Also possible is that I got a strain that wasn't in the shot. At least it worked the past several years.

  • Get well soon, we all got the flu shot and have been very sick. :( Glad to see in the comments you're starting to feel better...

  • We all got the flu shot. And we all got the flu! Get well soon.

  • So sorry you are ill! Especially this time of year! Hurry up and get better so you can blow this pop stand and get some SUN! ;-)

  • Damn the flu! Damn the flu!
    Spoiled your Christmas cheer.
    But let this be a lesson too
    To get your shot next year.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


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