Dysfucntional Families: 10 reasons I'm grateful to be estranged during the holidays

While I greatly miss my little siblings a lot, there are bright sides to being estranged from my family. Even during the holidays.

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  • Ohh, so many to add:

    - No long, awkward hours of starring at the television in silence while mom fakes a headache in bed to avoid us.

    - No gross melted-plastic cheese/other atrocious American food because my new peeps are furrin.

    - No six hour drive home where all I do is cry and recount my childhood

    - No being blamed for everything that has ever happened in the History Of Ever. Mom smarted off to my uncle in 2005 and everyone's still mad? My fault! Brother stuck in 1994 and never had a girlfriend? My fault! Hindenberg disaster? My fault! ETCETERA and SO FORTH.

  • I can really relate to so many of these from my first marriage. Planned bad times! Migraines, for sure!

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    Thank you SO much for taking the time to share so many great ideas. This is so incredibly helpful I am printing it out to keep on my desk as I have very much struggled with the exact same thing and this post is a total godsend. Thank you! syeda basri

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