I am (un)ashamedly an introvert

I'm an introvert.

I tend to find excuses to get out of meeting up with people. It sounds fun in theory, but wait you mean you really do want to meet up?


I consider Facebook conversations and commenting to be social interaction.

When people strike up conversations in lines, I wonder, WTF are you doing? Respect the silence of the lines.

When I see people I know and don't feel like talking today, I will duck into a store, cross the street, or double-back and take another route. Walking is easier than talking.

I prefer hanging out with family where there's no fear of messing up socially, than with friends.

If no family is around and things feel too quiet, I'll go someplace noisy and anonymous where hopefully I won't have to interact with people.

That's not to say I won't meet up with friends. One friend at a time. Preferably with food involved. In a quiet place. With a set end to the meeting--like the end of a meal. Any more people, I often feel awkward. Intruding. Clumsy.

Why, hello kitty. Mind if I keep you company?

Why, hello kitty. Mind if I keep you company?

At parties, I will make friends with the cat(s) or dog(s).

I tend to prefer parties if animals are around. Or at least one or two people I know I can talk with.

If there is no cat or dog around, I will walk around with food and pretend to talk with people, and find a quick excuse to break away. Unless there is a person or two that I know I will like talking to--then I'll talk to them.

Mostly though, I'll fake interaction and just stand awkwardly next to a conversing group, pretending to actually interact.

I will deliberately linger in bathrooms to recuperate from social interaction.

The idea of meeting up with someone at a mall or fair strikes fear into my heart.

This doesn't mean that I don't like people. I really do enjoy customer service. You help people, then they leave. Win/win.

I have good friends through Facebook. So when people knock it, I wonder why they're so against digital conversations. It's a lifesaver, as an introvert and as a deaf person.

Now that I think about it, maybe that's why Twitter is overwhelming. Too many strangers?

I can bluff extroversion, sometimes--just long enough for an interview, talking with coworkers, or meeting up with friends when I can't pretend I'm busy too much longer.

I am an introvert.

And I can't decide whether I'm proud of it or not.

At least I'm not alone, judging from this list.

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  • Yep. I'm right there with you. Except the part about Twitter. I love Twitter. I'd usually rather spend a Saturday evening on Twitter than go to a party.

    As I've gotten older (I'm well-past your quarter-life crisis and into my mid-life one), I've become a bit of an extrovert at work. I've grown weary sitting behind a computer. I like to walk around and see people. But I'm still not into chatting. I like walking around and seeing people to work out a problem or to plan the next steps of a project. Social contact with a purpose I can do. Mingling is what I hate.

  • In reply to Kim Z Dale:

    My Saturday night party is definitely Facebook!

    I think you're exactly right about social contact with a purpose. That explains why I can do great with interviews, customer service, etc, but just hanging out with people? Ack.

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