First world cat problem #1: a Caturday story

First world cat problem #1: a Caturday story

Punky is a large and furry cat. She's larger than many other cats, and we suspect some Maine Coon in her.

We have large litter boxes. But they're not the extra large litter boxes.

I'm sure you can see where we're going with this. Fortunately, she tends to poop with her butt toward the back of the box. Every now and then, she decides to poop with her back end toward the front of the box.

And she forgets how big she is, or overestimates the size of the box. If we're lucky, she'll miss it entirely. If we're unlucky, it'll hit the lip of the box and we end up having to bleach far more than just the litter catcher mat.

Which, ironically, doesn't seem to catch that much litter.

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