Dear person who hacked my iTunes account

Dear person who hacked my iTunes account,

I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to classical music and a healthy dose of Dan Schutte, Marty Haugen, and a variety of organ music and hymns. Sure, I have a little bit of Simon and Garfunkel on there, but it's probably not what you were expecting when you went to lengths to hack my account.

I remember when I was checking my account a couple years ago, it had a completely different name and address on there. As soon as I noticed that, I fixed everything and changed my password. I thought it was fixed. Similarly when Gmail notified me that someone accessed my email account from China. I forget when exactly the two events happened--whether they were around the same time, or unrelated. But I changed that password, too. When I looked over my accounts, everything seemed to be in order.

I thought the problem was fixed.

Then last year, when I checked my credit report, I noticed a wholly different address on there that I have never even been near. Fortunately there is a form to remove it from my credit history. And my credit report is otherwise okay. I didn't think it as at all related to the email or iTunes hacking.

Then in December, the connector to my laptop's hard drive failed. We thought it was the hard drive at first, so we replaced it. Then we replaced the connector. Ever since, iTunes has refused to play songs. It asked for authentication so I can play it--and I logged in. After entering my password, it told me that my account was already authorized. And yet it refused to play.

I pushed it out of my mind. Saturday, I wanted to be able to play some of the songs again. I had my husband call the iTunes tech support. Then it got escalated to Level 2 tech support. And again. And again, until I was talking with the fraud team. (PS--they were excellent. After Jeff had to go to work, the person who worked on it talked to me through a chat window on my computer.)

That was when I learned that the hacking some time ago was related to the permissions problem. You hacked into my account. You somehow must have commandeered my Gmail as well, since I didn't see any of iTunes notifications that it usually sends out when stuff is changed. I even checked Gmail trash, and nothing wasn't there that shouldn't have been.

After you hacked it, you moved the songs over to your iTunes account. Then you tried closing out my iTunes account. I don't really understand how I was still able to play some songs, nor do I understand why I was still able to use my Apple ID for other stuff. But that effectively stole the permissions. I still have the files. It just won't play because you stole the permissions. Apple Fraud couldn't do anything for me, since I obviously don't know any of the security questions for your account, so they couldn't move the song permissions back.

They told me to ask iTunes, cautioning me that the Terms and Agreements that I signed effectively meant that they are under no obligations to return the songs to me. I understood, even though I thought I did the right thing when I first noticed the hack by changing the password. (CAUTION to everyone who runs into the same situation. Call iTunes or Apple immediately. Don't assume you fixed everything, like I did.)

I've been emailing with someone from iTunes Support for a few days now. It took a while to help her understand what exactly went wrong with my iTunes. I asked for her to re-grant the songs back to me, please. I have the files--re-downloading them won't work. And because I don't have the permissions, it's not in iCloud to download from there. I just need the permissions granted back to me again.

Today, she emailed back. She said that because she couldn't verify I'm the account holder for (insert AppleID here), she can't re-grant the permissions to me. Even though I'm emailing her from that account. And even though the fraud team were satisfied it was really me.  Anyway. I am glad they're careful about privacy and security. I'm grateful for that. However, it's keeping me from playing the songs that I rightfully bought over the years. And it's letting you get off with my songs.

The songs I bought since the hacking seems to be playing just fine. It's the songs that were purchased before the hack that seems to be...inaccessible. On the plus side, it's probably only about 300 songs. On the negative side, you stole about 300 songs.

Songs I play when I feel depressed. Songs that remind me of my siblings. Songs that brighten up the day. Songs that help lift my spirit. Somehow, I suspect you weren't planning on stealing a bunch of songs about Mary Our Queen when you went to all that effort.

I have two words for you. Stop stealing.

I wanted to say "F*ck you," but really, I just don't want anyone else to have to deal with the same problem.


P.S. Apple (and/or Tim Cook), I love your support people, I appreciate your security measures, but it's been frustrating working with iTunes and dealing with the fallout of having DRM protected music. I'm glad you moved away from DRM. But could you please help me get my songs back? I'd be glad to show a plethora of IDs and government documents that prove my identification to any of your employees at the Apple Store. Thanks, Holly

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    The question is, do you have your songs on a Ipod, iphone, ipad or Iwhatever?

    The songs would still be on whatever device you were using. In which case, the harddrive is the culprit. When you change your haddrive, the Idevice will not recognize it as the original.

    So here what you can try.

    1 Connect Your Idevice to your computer that has all of your purchases....When it tells you do you want to SYNC This Idevice to the library of this computer....Select NO.

    2. There should be an option to transfer all purchases of your Idevice to your computer, in which case, you want to sync then, but do not replace.

    3. Icloud, if you have an Iphone or Ipad you can sync those to the cloud, and then redownload them to your computer.

    It takes some time, but it can be done.

  • In reply to JTW218:

    Yes, I have the songs on an iPod Mini, and they still play. I haven't synced it ever since the hard drive was replaced and iTunes acted up--so, thank you so much for your suggestion! It sounds like something I will have to try this evening. Hopefully the permissions will be able to be transferred along with the songs.

    Thank you!

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