A warm cat bed for the winter - a Caturday story

Dear neighbor downstairs,

Thank you for leaving your bathroom heater on all day. I'm not being sarcastic. Seriously, thank you.

I know when we first encountered your tendency to leave your bathroom warmer thingy on, it a) actually made it too hot to walk in the bathroom with bare feet on bare tile, and b) left me with visions of a cataclysmic fire. Our maintenance guys had to reassure me that it won't spark the next Great Chicago Fire since our building is concrete. They did still try to go in and turn it off for general safety reasons since you were gone on vacation, but you changed the locks without letting them know or giving them a key.

And actually, with a bathmat, the heat is just perfect for getting out of the shower.

That's not the best part, though. The best part is that you're saving me money since I don't have to buy a heated cat bed for our cats.

Yes, I know I'm pegging myself as a cat lady for even considering spending money on what amounts to a very expensive electric blanket for the cats. Fortunately, your actions are keeping me from being a bona fide "crazy" cat lady. You, and one of my employees who said she would be disappointed if I bought an expensive umbrella stroller for my cats just so I can torture them by taking them on walks to see a lot of birds they won't be able to attack.

I drew a picture for you to show you how much our cats appreciate your forgetfulness when it comes to turning off your heater.

punky heater

This is Pumpkin. enjoying the heater. It was her turn--shortly after this picture, Mistletoe traded places with her. Joe had his turn the night  before. (By the way, excuse my poor Photoshopping skills. I had to 'shop out the pantyliner backings that littered the floor, and the cat and human hair that graced the sides of the toilet.)

So, to wrap up this thank you note: I know I never met you, and I might be crazy, but could you keep your bathroom heater on, maybe?

You'll have the eternal thanks from me and my kittehs.



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