Keeping the Mass in Christmas

Keeping the Mass in Christmas

A friend shared an image from the "Catholics Come Home" campaign that told people to keep the Mass in Christmas. It's a nice play on the overused "Keep Christ in Christmas" rallying cry. For Christmas, go to Mass. Talk about an old tradition, as it's something generations upon generations have done. (PS, the above image was borrowed from Episcopal Church Memes on Facebook).

However, I was only mildly puzzled. Why is "Keep Mass in Christmas" a Catholics Come Home campaign? I know full well I'm one of the ones that they hope to persuade to go back to the Roman Catholic Church. What's the deal with Catholics Come Home, though? I already feel like I'm home. I'm still Catholic. We have Mass. And I feel like I can be a thinker AND a full member of the Church at the same time, which is nice. (Reasonable minds can disagree, obviously.) I also rather like hanging out with radical liberal feminist priests.

What's up with that phrase, "radical liberal feminist priest?" Long story short, my dad once said I was a radical liberal feminist in cahoots with a radical liberal feminist priest when I was disowned and going to a different Catholic church than he was all because I wanted to walk down the aisle with my husband, entering the marriage as an equal. In the Episcopal church, it seems to me that women are MORE equal than they are in Roman Catholicism. We have a female primate, after all!

Not that primate. This one. The Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori. (I admit, I had to look up the proper title.)

Anyway. "Catholics Come Home" is a nice campaign, but admittedly, I don't foresee myself going back until they've made some fundamental changes to the church, which I don't see happening anytime soon. Maybe my children will see changes for the better. Or maybe their children.  But now?

I'm sorry, my Roman Catholic friends. I appreciate that Catholicism still works for you, but I will not be physically joining you for Christmas. I know this is the first Christmas as a full Episcopalian, which marks a milestone. However, I'll join you in spirit, prayer, and song as we do with all Christians. Together, we can keep Mass in Christmas.

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