Chicago Marathon: Start Carrel Assignment

So, yesterday I got an email from the Chicago Marathon, notifying me that I'm in Start Carrel M. I got excited that I made it into a start carrel, because only faster people make it into a carrel! I wouldn't have to start with the rest of the masses!

Then I realized that Carrel M is actually the "everybody else" carrel. M is for the "masses." So much for feeling proud of my accomplishments...

At least I found out recently that the 6:30 time limit begins not when the first person crosses the start line, but rather when the last person crosses it. All along, I was fretting about how I would make up for lost time in the traffic jam that's sure to happen. The one other race I ran, the Race to Wrigley in April 2011, it took a while to get to the start line, and then to get up to speed. Multiply the Race to Wrigley participants by a thousand to get the enormity of the Chicago Marathon. Or ten thousand. I'm bad at math. Anyway, there's going to be a lot of people running.

I don't mind the number of people, because it means that there's a good chance that there are others with a similar pace of 13 min/mile. Well, at least I don't think I'd mind the number of long as they're not all trying to use the Port-a-Potties at the same time I need to use one.

On the plus side--at least there are Port-a-Potties on the route. Right now that's my biggest fear with training: crapping my pants for lack of a loo.

64 days and 20 hours to go.

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