Thank you, Chicago Police Department

Dear CPD (and visiting police from other cities),

Thank you for doing a great job during NATO. Seriously. I'm not being sarcastic.

You have shown incredible restraint regarding the protesters. It's quite obvious that you were taking care not to escalate the defense measures too soon. I'm glad you saw what we all saw: some of the protesters were TOTALLY trying to goad you into arresting them just so they can cry "police brutality" and use it as an excuse for a  retaliatory riot.

See--the batons were used only to keep the protesters back.


I appreciate not having a riot near/in my neighborhood. I really do.

I know that you had to balance a fine line between allowing free speech, avoiding bad media, and appropriately defending the city from the destructive and crazy protesters. That's definitely a hard act to do. Especially when such restraint in action just kind of makes some of the crazy protesters a bit crazier. I can guess their thoughts: "Why aren't the police going after us? Come at me, bro! C'mon, please beat me up! Okay, I'm going to try to provoke them and then claim they started it...."

Protesters at Washington and State, Saturday afternoon

Throwing sticks is one thing. (I hope they were small sticks.) But I am so sorry that some of them threw their own f*cking urine at you. And then those people you arrested, the ones who had the supply of poo? Geez. I would probably have asked the zoo for a case of monkey poo and lion pee and flung it back at the protesters when they first started flinging their own bodily wastes at you guys.

And that one person who jumped in front of one of the police vans? He wanted the police to actually run him over just to give the mob more cause to cause destruction just because waving signs is so boring. That's why some of them brought poo along. And tried to make Motlov cocktails. And tried to bring in a shotgun.

I saw you guys Saturday night, holding the line at Washington and Randolph when the protesters were trying to go north on State Street. And I am glad you held held the line on Sunday night at State and Lake. I know you were trying to keep them away from the dignitaries staying at the many hotels in Streeterville and River North; a tough task.

Protesters at Randolph and State, Saturday night

I liked how you allowed them to protest and wander the Loop, only really preventing them from going north and east, and from getting into critical centers in the Loop. It sounded like a game of snake; bouncing the protesters around, essentially.

I laughed my ass off when I was following Twitter, Timcast, and the news last night, after the protesters crossed the Lake Street Bridge and proceeded full speed ahead west simply because they had no idea about Chicago geography. Oh, lordy, that was sweet. You would think that the protesters would research before they came here. Well, maybe not since some of them were protesting the Afghanistan War, when NATO was f*cking talking about leaving Afghanistan.

Anyway. I'm getting slightly off topic. Let it just be known that you guys are awesome. Thank you for showing patience and restraint, thank you for trying to stick with less-injurious defense methods instead of going straight to tear-gas, and thank you for somehow managing to keep the protesters south of the river. Thank you for keeping them from ransacking the Art Institute, and from trampling Northerly Island. Thank you for allowing the free speech while not allowing them to freely take out their frustrations in destructive ways.

Thank you. Good luck with the rest of today, and let us hope that things can begin to get back to normal tomorrow.


Holly, who is proud of CPD.

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  • Great article Holly! I completely agree with you. Proud to call myself a Chicagoan and proud of my CPD!

  • In reply to bwhit:

    Thanks for reading and for commenting! The police have just been amazing.

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