Why you should donate to PAWS Chicago

Full disclaimer: I like PAWS Chicago.

You know how I'm training to run the Chicago marathon? Well, I figured I should go all out and raise money, too. I volunteered a couple of times to walk the dogs at PAWS. My husband and I fostered kittens for them for a while. We adopted our youngest, Joe, from there. You know, the cat in my picture. So yes, I am slightly biased toward all the good PAWS can do for homeless animals. And I decided to raise money for them.

(Here's Joe as a kitten, by the way. He's wondering why you haven't donated, yet.)

If you like PAWS Chicago already, please consider donating through my fundraising site. http://teampaws.hollythelibrarian.com. It'll redirect you to the official PAWS fundraising page for me, except their URL is crazy long for me to remember. Simpler to set up a redirect. (Or rather, simpler for my husband to set up a redirect. He wears the proverbial pocket protector in the family, while I wear the proverbial pants.)

If my affinity toward PAWS doesn't convince you to donate, consider their financials. Charity Navigator gives them 4 stars. And look, that little dot is almost exactly in the top right corner! That's a good thing! They have almost a perfect 70, which is the highest possible.

(Ya, rly!)

(By the way, this doggie above is Hawk Eye, available for adoption at the time I'm writing this.)

PAWS make all of their financials readily available on their website, which gets thumbs up from me. A HUGE proportion of donations goes toward caring for the animals. They don't pay exorbitant amounts to the CEOs.

If that doesn't convince you--look how effective PAWS has been in helping reduce the number of killed cats and dogs.

They truly do believe in no-kill. Look at Red, who was just adopted. PAWS didn't put him down because he was paralyzed from his waist down. Or Wasabi, below, who has a pancreatic condition.

Just look at this little puppy, Moss! How I wish my apartment allowed dogs....He is going to be at the upcoming Angels with Tails event on Michigan Avenue/Oak Street.

Anyway. If you wouldn't mind donating to PAWS, that would be amazing. My donation website can be access through this link: http://teampaws.hollythelibrarian.com . It'll help the animals out. Unfortunately, the minimum is $10, so if you can't spare it, perhaps you can help PAWS or some other animal shelter out instead.

If you can spare it...thank you!!! Every penny others' pay toward the goal also helps me out. (Because if I don't reach that goal, the gap comes out of my pocket. Sadly. ) But if I surpass it, then that's all the better for cats like my Joe!

I'm not far from my goal of $560. Not far at all. I only need $397 more! That's like 40 people with $10 each.

Okay. That's it  for my cyberbegging. Thank you for listening. and I promise not to pester people too often about it.

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  • They are a great organization. I had my cats spayed and neutered there.

  • In reply to Patty J:

    I love that they have a good neuter/spay clinic. My husband and I occasionally watched the kittens after their surgery (usually because they developed a cold or something) and the surgery site heals very quickly, which I'm glad for.

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