Happy birthday, Betsy!

My oldest little sister is turning 14.

You may remember from a previous post (Grief) that I talked about how I have no contact with them because of extenuating circumstances.

I suppose if you want to be metaphysical or spiritual about it, I do have some sort of contact with them. I pray for them. I try to send them encouraging thoughts, hoping that God will see to it that it's delivered to them. I try to give them strength from afar.

This is my way of honoring my siblings' birthdays. I did it for Anna on March 25th. I will do it forĀ  Tommy and Joey in June and July, respectively, too. I post a picture of them for my personal Facebook profile photo. It's my "paper lanterns" that I send up every year, just like in the movie, "Tangled."

It's my way of saying, "I'm here for you."

I'm here for them whenever they reach out. I'm here to help them get counseling. I'm here to encourage them to get treated, if they (and they most likely will) have any mental illnesses. Most likely depression, since it runs so strongly in the family, and is highly likely to occur in abused children.

I'm here if they need to talk to me. I'm here to give them unconditional love. Not walking-on-eggshells love. I will be here sympathize with whenever they journey through the messy healing process.

This is my way of keeping hope alive that we may be reunited. That we may be able to rebuild our sibling relationships. That they may all break free. That they all heal.

I love you, Betsy, Tommy, Anna, and Joey. <3

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