Gulp. I'm running the Marathon after all.

Yesterday's post--yeah, about that...

I thought I was being quite reasonable to know where my limitations are, and not to get too overwhelmed by too many things. So I thought.

Immediately after publishing, I got two reactions. One was one of my friends pointing out with her useless GRE vocabulary knowledge that prodigal means "wasteful." Whoops. I think I was thinking about the story in a story-telling way and not in a vocabularly-literal way. I should use a dictionary next time.

The other was from my husband. He didn't buy the "too busy" argument--Up until recently, I had been spending much of my time bitching about a certain subset of people, but I think I've finally moved past that now. (My solution was to find another group of people to hang out with, who can actually appreciate my opinions). Also, he pointed out, I don't actually need to spend every waking moment with homework. I was sounding like a homework addict. "Just a little bit of cataloging this evening..." There's no need for me to work several weeks in advance. I had finished one assignment 3 weeks early that my professor freaked out and thought I was cheating, when I had actually withdrew into a little Hermione shell one weekend and worked on it with little break. That was a problem, Jeff said.

And if I really don't have time to run, he volunteered to do the dishes. Or make dinner. Whatever it takes to get my ass on that treadmill.

Running the marathon is simply a bucket list item for me--and Jeff doesn't want me to give up on that. (Cue "awwwwww" soundtrack.)

Perhaps some of it is self-preservation. I'm less depressed when I exercise regularly, and less depression means a happier wife. I really do like to run (but it's so easy to forget that running is fun.)

Oh, not to mention he said "if I can finish my thesis by May, you can run the marathon in October." I can't argue with that, right?

He talked me back into the marathon.

Lo and behold, turns out registration had just opened yesterday (or was it the day before?) for the Chicago Marathon. I know it sells out quickly, so I was so surprised there were still openings. So I signed up, with Jeff continually encouraging me.

I had also been tempted to run for PAWS Chicago (Team PAWS). For one thing, I like the organization a lot--my husband and I used to foster kittens for them, and we ended up adopting one of them, Joe. (The cat who thinks he's a dog, and who loves to ride around on my shoulder.)

For another, it's my very very very first marathon ever, and the Team PAWS benefits sound quite nice. I mean, they have the nice big tents, private gear check, more food and drink, and massages and things like that. So that extra level of support would help, you know? I would just have to hit up my friends for at least $600. Don't worry, none of that money will be used toward the race. In fact, PAWS is incredibly efficient with every dollar they earn, and have one of the highest ratings on Charity Navigator.

The first $10 was mine, as part of registering. And my friends and family have already kicked in $135.  That's actually incredibly fantastic--and I just signed up last night. Did I mention that I love my friends and family? And that they're awesome?

So. Gulp. I'm still running. And I have what, 9 months left to train?

There's no way in hell I'm running the whole thing. I'll be lucky if I can run a total of 13 miles, broken up into chunks. However, I DO want to finish. It may take the entire 6 hours and 30 minutes, but by golly, I'm going to finish it.

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