Go, California! Thanks for upholding gay rights!

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the gay marriage ban was unconstitutional, today.

This is excellent news--and a great step toward equality, which this liberrian likes. Religious recognition? Sure, people can debate that. Legal recognition? That's definitely a civil rights issue.

This liberrian also likes gay marriage because recent studies have shown that they're incredibly unlikely to abuse their children. So, how's that for "destroying the family"? Actually, maybe we should be looking up to them as examples to follow.

Please people, quit fighting over gay rights. Focus on the stuff that does destroy families and marriages--like abuse. It takes forever for children to heal from witnessing or being victim of abuse.

After all, I'm still realizing just how fucked up I still am, even after I'veĀ  made and am continuing to make, huge progress in healing.

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