My husband and I were talking last night, getting some ideas for marathon strategizing. (Firefox doesn't think 'strategizing' is a word, but I hereby declare it to be.) He said he could carry my spare socks--as well as undies should I shit my pants. (I do think I will take Immodium before the race, and possibly during, just to avoid any accidents.)

I'm still of two minds about a Camelback. It sure would be easy to drink while keeping on walking. I could probably stick some ice cubes down in there, too, to keep it cool. (That is, if October 7th somehow thinks it wants to be like August). Then I won't have to worry about water stops--just Gatorade as needed.

Now, for the food. Why the hell are all the bananas toward the end of the race? I get hungry after running for only an hour (okay, mostly walking) on the treadmill. Burning 400 calories does that to a person, you know? And I will have been running/walking for about 5 hours by the time I reach the first banana stand. That's 2000 calories. Shiiiit. That's a day's intake for me. I'm definitely going to need sustenance sooner. Like maybe 2 hours in. That would be around 8 or 9 miles in--so Lakeview or Lincoln Park. Or if I'm really good by then, I can last until the 12th mile. And then maybe again around 15 miles, roundsabout West Loop or Little Italy.

There's no way I'll be able to last until the 20th mile, when the bananas start showing up.

Whatever we figure out, Jeff did remind me that it's not Mario Cart, and I shouldn't toss the banana peel on the ground behind me. I promise not to toss bananas at people so long as nobody else tosses turtles at me.

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