How to Recover from the Chicago Marathon

I think I'm going to make a semi-regular habit of linking to other awesome ChicagoNow bloggers and blog posts. Bloggers helping bloggers, you know? So, here's my first one that's related to my topic.

Fellow ChicagoNow blogger, David Wallach, wrote an excellent blog post about how to recover from the Chicago Marathon. I'm sharing it for my readers and friends who may wonder how much I will be hurting after the marathon.  The answer is--probably a lot. I'll hurt about as much when I did the complete circuit of Bike the Drive on the wrong gear. Or it might hurt about as much as when I did the 4 Star Bike Tour, the 32 mile Boulevards and Beyond tour, after having not biked or exercised much all summer. That was the first time I've ever felt my legs SCREAMING before. You just never know how much you can do until you get out there and do it.

You know what? These tips are just as much for "how to recover after a really long and hard exercise" as they are for "how to recover from the Chicago Marathon." I wish I knew enough to ice my legs earlier this year--that might have helped after both bike rides. This is why I'm reading around about marathon tips, so I don't repeat my mistakes.

Live and learn.

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