Day 2

Day 2
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Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling sleepy and sluggish, and really wanted to just call off Day 2 of my training. But because I made a promise to myself and to my readers, I forced myself to go.

It's so funny, because generally, once I get past the initial 5-10 minutes of exercising, I really enjoy it the rest of the exercise session. That was exactly what happened yesterday--after I got off the treadmill, I felt like I could keep on jogging for another half hour. However, I've read that you really have to force yourself to slow down when undertaking a new exercise regime, otherwise you'll overdo it one day and then not want to repeat the experience.

I think music really helps increase exercise performance, at least in me. Studies have shown inconsistent results, so I wonder if it just depends on the person. Maybe some people run better in silence, or run better with certain kinds of music. Usually I like listening to hymns. I'm weird that way. Rock music sounds like a cacophony to me, just a bunch of noise. There's a few bands that are more pleasing to my ears, like Simon and Garfunkel and Jonathan Coulton, but I'm just really picky.

Yesterday, however, I didn't feel like listening to music with words.  If I listen to music with lyrics for too long, I get a headache, probably from trying too hard to understand what the singers are saying. I'm this way in any prolonged loud situation when I need to listen and talk with people, thanks to me being profoundly deaf. (I'll write about that down the road, because I like being open about it. How else will people learn to understand what deaf people experience?)  So, I decided to listen to Yo Yo Ma's Bach cello suites. Perfect running music.It doesn't have a regular beat that forces me to run faster than I should, and it's not so slow that I feel like taking a nap.

I increased my performance up to 2.67 miles in 37 minutes, and bumped up my walking speed to 3.6 mph in between my jogs of 4.7mph. My overall average pace increased from 15:23 to 14:17. So, I'm totally on my way with the training. It felt great, and I'm not too sore this morning.

In other related news, I think my husband is glad I'm not intending to make marathoning a regular habit. He's being supportive for this one time, but beyond that he'll probably think I'm bonkers. I will definitely consider running in 5Ks or 15Ks, that sort of thing, but nothing terribly long as a marathon after next October. You may ask, why isn't he training with me? Well, his asthma doesn't particularly like prolonged running. It tolerates running for the bus, at least. Biking is somehow much easier on his lungs--so we decided to try to train together to ride a century...but NOT at the same time as my marathon training. That can be a 2013 goal!

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