Blue Running Shoes

Blue Running Shoes

I wrote about the Running Shoes Blues last time--I really had a withdrawal feeling from not being able to run the last week. Well, yesterday I went to the running store and got Blue Running Shoes. I swear, I didn't pick it based on color alone, just for the awesome chiasmus-ish title. I had DH come with me for two reasons. 1) I like spending time with him. 2) I was afraid of how much the shoes would cost and needed him to tell me that it's okay to spend money on good things like this.

We headed up to Fleet Feet off of the Western Brown Line station--picked solely because it was the shortest walk from the L station. (World's biggest irony-- I'm training for a marathon and I can't stand to walk too far from the L?) And yes, it was a very short walk in the downtown district of Lincoln Square, which reminded me of the Old Market in Omaha--but slightly better selection of stores. I ought to come back sometime just for fun sometime, and poke around in the stores.

As soon as we walked in, the sales person greeted me and asked what I was looking for. I was honest, "I need to buy running shoes--I've never bought one before." I had done research, but reading and actually trying on shoes are two different things. They were surprisingly busy for a Friday morning, so while I waited a different sales clerk helped me with the bras.

I just wanted to try it on to see what size I was, as it has been a few years (and about 10 lbs) since my last bra fitting. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. I just hate the process of trying on bras since there's always too many to try on and maybe 98% of them don't fit right. I was anticipating the same problem here--but after measuring me, the sales clerk gave me 5 bras to try on--arranged in order from the least "gear" to the most "gear," as she put it. Only 5 bras to try on, thank God.

She had asked me what bra I was wearing while running, currently. I told her, "My early-undergrad bras I bought from Victoria's Secret--they're too small." That was about 30 pounds ago. I'm looking forward to the fitness side effects from running. I enjoy eating, so I've got to balance that out with the joy of running.

Anyway, I tried on all 5 bras, and liked the first one. The straps were adjustable Velcro--and the adjustable part was in the front. What a brilliant idea! Why the hell do bra makers expect us to do contortions to adjust the bra straps in the back? It makes it really awkward when the straps slip out of the little plastic holders while I'm out and about. It was especially cushioned in the shoulder straps, and it held my ladies comfortably without any stupid plastic underwire supports or the "HEY LOOK AT ME I'VE GOT OVERWEIGHT BOOBS" super-obvious support mechanism to them.

I guess the obvious support system doesn't really matter, because it's not like I'm going to be actually running without a shirt, even though they're very modest looking. It's like going around with my bra showing. Well, it literally is. And I won't ever be able to get over that subconscious modesty meter.

I wasn't actually intending to buy a bra today, but I just liked how it fit so much, I wanted to keep it. Then it was finally time for me try on shoes. The shoe sales clerk measured my feet (my right is bigger than my left), and had me put on the generic neutral shoes. I ran across the floor, and she watched my stride and said that I was a over-pronator. Mildly/moderately so.

She went down to the basement and brought up three sets of shoes, one with mild support, and two with moderate. I ran in the mild support shoes, and still was overpronating, so we knew I needed moderate support. I tried on the above blue shoes, and I liked how light and breathable it is, and it felt comfortable while running. Then I tried on the other moderate shoes, which felt a little bit big and painful to run in.

I asked the sales clerk what I should look for in running shoes. She said it should feel like an extension of the body--not just some strange appendage. The blue shoes definitely were good. I took them for a short run on the treadmill, and it still felt pretty good. I think. So, I bought them even though they were really bright.

At least they were bright blue, and not bright lime green or neon orange. Blue looks good on me.

As soon as we got home, I went for a run. It felt GOOD. It's like eating chocolate again after a long Lent. It's like a warm day after a long winter. It really did feel good to be running again. I did have shin splints--just mildly so, and it felt more like residual pain rather than something further inflamed.

I'm going for another run tomorrow after church, and I'm looking forward to it.

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