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Words worth repeating #5

  To my absolute surprise, he wound  up being quite amiable, and the most caring individual I have ever known.” Fifties pop singer, Jerry Vale about Frank Sinatra. Included in Vale’s obituary notice after his death last week at the age of 83.     “Yeah, blame it all on John Adams” Gail Collins in... Read more »

Words worth repeating #4

“Go Hawks!” Final words from Father Greg Sakowicz as he left the alter at the end of 9:30 Mass at Saint Mary Parish in Evanston 5/18/2014 and repeated by hundred of thousands of others.   “When you do something a lot, you get good at it. I think Texas does it as well as Iran” David... Read more »

Words worth repeating #3

  The world you are joining desperately needs your help. Our government is broken – divided by partisanship; our cities are war zones; our farms and family businesses are disappearing; some make a devil out of science while others make a devil out of religion. More people can quote Kardashian than they can Kierkegaard. And yet,... Read more »

Words worth repeating #2

  “And now that the Bulls have been eliminated from the playoffs, tradition indicates it’s time for Derrick Rose to declare himself ready to play” Steve Rosenbloom, Chicago Tribune Sports, Thursday 5/1/14   “Tell them when you get back to America that you were in the Ukraine, not in Russia! A women yelling at me in August,... Read more »

Words worth repeating #1

  “If Rauner is willing to throw his own money away like this, what’s he going to do when he gets his hands on ours?” Neil Steinberg in the Sun Times about Bruce Rauner’s  $51,000 going to an obscure Chicago periodical N’DIGHO   “Bob Dylan wanted to ask John Wayne, ‘why some of his cowboy... Read more »

Thank God for channel changers

Thank God for channel changers
Thank God for channel changers. Chicagoland Radio and Media pointed out on their website this morning that “the stars of the Chicago sports universe will align in a very unique way on Friday (4/25/14) night.” The Cubs, Blackhawks and Bulls will all be playing at the same time. So Comcast SportsNet has worked out a... Read more »

Monty Python fans, save July 20th.

The trade paper, Variety, ran a story today that “The Last Night of Monty Python”  will be shown on some 1,500 screens across the world on July 20, 2014. The Pythons issued a statement that said, “Join the crowds live from London’s O2 in a final weepy, hilarious, outrageous. farewell to the five remaining Pythons... Read more »

John Cleese - a very funny man

  John Cleese, writer, actor and tall person is one of the funniest men alive. He co-founded “Monty Python.” He and his first wife, Connie Booth co-wrote and starred in the British sitcom, “Faulty Towers.” He founded Video Arts a production company making entertaining training film. Currently he’s doing a one man show “And evening with John... Read more »

Cubs reward one of their most devoted fans

  This past Sunday (4/6/2014) , PulitzerPrize-winning  journalist and author, George Will walked out to the mound at Wrigley Field to throw out the ceremonial “first pitch”. It was an honor, long overdue, to a  man who has watched, as he puts it, “the evolution of baseball from a small, decentralized semi-industry into something now... Read more »

The sad side of Mickey Rooney

We had an in-house game at WGN that started back in the 60’s. It was called, “Who gets Mickey Rooney Next?” Sadly, that was the first thing that came  to mind when I heard of his death at the age of 93. In his later years, Rooney became self-absorbed, cantankerous and difficult. You’d interview him... Read more »