Words worth repeating #7

words"Our nation is hurt. We will need to face people making fun of us for the rest of our lives. I will have to tell my grandchildren one day that I saw this happening. How am I going to tell this to my grandchildren?

41 year-old Brazilian soccer fan on his countries humiliating 7-1 loss to Germany in semi-final World Cup game.


"Ladies and gentlemen, Frontier Airlines is known for being one of the cheapest airlines in the U.S, but your captain is not cheap."

Passenger  Logan Maries Torres, quoting the pilot who bought 35 pizzaz to feed an entire plane of passengers stuck on the tarmac in Cheymenne, Wyo., as quoted in the Chicago Tribune on 7/10/2014


"I didn't think it was going to be this much fun. But everything just gets heightened when you have a baby. The volume gets turned up on life. I never knew I could be this happy and that's the truth."

Jimmy Fallon in  People magazine about his new daughter,  Winnie Rose


" The Troutdale shooting came just two days after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, which came just two days after the shooting at the courthouse in Georgia which came just four days after the shooting on the campus of Seattle Pacific University, which came just a week after the mass shooting near UC Santa Barbara."

Steve Benen, The Rachael Maddow Show 6/10/14


" Word of my demise was grealty exaggerated. I'm here. It's not a funeral."

Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy, joking to a crowd of new officers at his first public appearance since undergoing an angioplasty last week to clear two blocked arteries. Chicag0 Tribune.

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