A reminder to Mr. Boehner

President Obama

President Obama

I hope someone reminds the speaker of the House, John Boehner, who seems to want to litigate rather than legislate, that President Obama's  executive orders (181 through the end of June) pale by comparison to past Presidents.

Ronald Reagan - 381

Dwight Eisenhower - 484

Calvin Coolidge - 1,200

Timothy Egan pointed out in the New York Times  that "Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in a recent political lawsuit that the plaintiff  lacked standing - that is, someone seeking relief for injury that affects him in a personal and individual way. So what Boehner needs is a plaintiff in a neck brace. Somebody fragile and sympathetic looking. He needs that person to be a member of Congress. And he needs that person to have suffered for lack of health insurance because of President Obama." Send your suggestions to Mr. Boehner. He has a Facebook page.



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