Words Worth Repeating #6

Jayne Byrne, Chicago mayor 1979-1983

Jayne Byrne, Chicago mayor 1979-1983


"I'm sort of erased in the minds of some people"

Former Mayor Jane Byrne as quoted by Michael Sneed in her Sun Times column on May 30, 2014



"You now have the potential of 200 people deciding who ends up being elected president every single time"

President Barack Obama, to a group of heavy contributors including Bill Gates and Jeff Brotman in a private meeting in which they discussed big money and the Koch brothers back in February of 2012.  Reported in Politico magazine by Kenneth P. Vogel (5/29/2014)


"I guess that makes me famous"

Lennie Merullo, the only living ballplayer to have worn a Cub uniform in the World Series of 1945. Reported by Ben Strauss in the New York Times on May 20, 2q014.


"More than 40 percent of American students who start at four-year colleges haven't earned a degree after six years. If you include community-college students, the dropout rate is more than half, worse than any oher country except Hungary."

Paul  Tough's story in the NY Times Sunday magazine of Ma y 18, 2014  titled, "Who Gets to Graduate"


"Clinton Legacy:  Hawk With Clipped  Wings"

Headline In Wall  St. Journal story on Hillary Clinton's possible presidential run.  5/31/1014


"Baseball began its draft Thursday night, the annual rite when hundreds of young men achieve the dream of learning which major league team will be paying for their Tommy John surgeries."

Steve Rosenbloom in Chicago Tribune sports 6/16/2014

"A 'Serrano ham, cave aged Gruyere, and sage sandwich' amounts to a tiny eighteen dollar grilled cheese add the 'warm local squid salad' is not so much a salad as it is a single squid."

Restaurant review of the newly re-opened Tavern On the Green in New York City in The New Yorker magazine, June 9 & 10 issue.





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