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I wrote a few weeks ago about Father Greg Sakowicz and his use of humor to get your attention. He was at it again this past weekend here at St. Mary Parish in Evanston.


His homily began with the story of a young man who was pouring over the selection of Valentine's Day cards at the local gift shop. The Clerk asked if she could help. "I'm looking for your most beautiful card", he explained. "Something that expresses my deepest feelings." The clerk went a section of cards and pulled out one that was beautifully embossed, trimmed with lace and written in an elegant script. "This is a lovely card," she said and read the inside." "To my one true love, the light of my life, the joys of my heart, the very essence of beauty and grace. I love you more than I can say." The young man was thrilled. "That's perfect!", he said. "That's exactly what I'm looking for. I'll take five."

Of course, Father Greg went on to discuss life's contradictions and pointed out how the scribes and Pharisees of Jesus' day were often full of self-deceit, convinced they were the truly holy ones and everyone else were great sinners. It's true fidelity and faithfulness that defines who we are.

Try it. You may be surprised at the results.


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