Movie "Last Vegas" - pure fluff but mildly funny

If you enjoy watching good actors having fun, there are some amusing moments in the new movie, Last Vegas. But the story about four guys who've been buddies since childhood and now, sixty years later, spend a weekend in Las Vegas is predictable and corny.

Freeman, Douglas, De Niro and Kline in "Last Vegas"

Freeman, Douglas, De Niro and Kline in "Last Vegas"

Michael Douglas is Billy, a California real estate agent about to marry a women half his age. Robert De Niro as Paddy is a still grieving widower who has a grudge with Billy and at first doesn't even want to be there. Morgan Freeman as Archie is thrilled to get away from his over protective son because of a heart condition and Kevin Kline, the happily married physical therapist, Sam, is also having the time of his life. It amazing how the super talented Kline turns a "nothing" role into something quite special. There is one other role that makes for some entertaining moments when the "boys" befriend an aging lounge singer played nicely by Mary Steenburgen.

The fine performances are bogged down by a script that is mediocre at best. The expected jokes about Lipator and Viagra arrive right on cue. The bikini contest is nothing but an excuse for showing as much skin as possible for what seems like an eternity and of course a fat lady shows up. There's a lot to laugh at in Last Vegas, but we've seen and heard it all before.

Rating: PG-13 for language and sexual content

Running time: 105 minutes

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