Why do Republicans lie? And a few other thoughts while on the treadmill

I  do a mile on the treadmill in the gym everyday. At a moderate pace, it takes about 30 minutes and my mind often wanders to things I've just read or heard and I'd like to share a few of them with you.

paul randSenator Rand Paul, potential Republican candidate, was interviewed recently by Bloomberg Businessweek and according to Paul Krugman in the New Times he talked about America running, "a trillion-dollar deficit every year."  Actually the deficit is projected to be only $642 billion this  year and it's falling fast.

Even more enlightening was his answer to the question of who might be the best person to head the Federal Reserve and he suggested Milton Friedman. The famed, conservative economist would be 101 years old, if her were still alive.




There's a new disease called I.D.P or Information Deprived Paranoia. It has already infected a group of  Louisiana Republicans who answered a recent poll. Twenty-nine percent of them said that President Obama was responsible for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina.  This was slightly more than the 28% who said that President Bush was to blame and the 44% who just weren't sure. In case you've forgotten and/or are from Louisiana, Barack Obama was serving his first term in he U.S. Senate in 2005. Oh, and George W. Bush was occupying the White House.

Thanks to the Washington Post for printing this information along with other results from a Democratic firm called Public Policy Polling which finds that a substantial number of Republican  voters will agree to something they know to be false if it puts Mr. Obama in a bad light.


Don't believe what you've been hearing that a rising number of  doctors are refusing to serve Medicare patients.  An analysis by the experts at at the Department of Health and Human Services shows after a seven year study that doctors accepting new Medicare patients actually rose to 90.7% in 2012 from 82.9 % in 2005.  Government figures show 735,000 doctors still remain in Medicare, although 9,500 practicing doctors have opted out. How will it all end up? Nobody really knows.


Commonweal Magazine, the independent Catholic magazine has been around since 1924.  On their web site a few weeks ago there appeared a long essay titled, "The  Things We Share: A Catholic's  Case for Same-Sex Marriage". What was most surprising was the author's name, Joseph Buttom. Five years ago he was condemning supporters of of gay marriage as amoral. His new reasoning has a lot to do with "natural law" as defined by St. Thomas Aquinas. If your up to it, just go to commonwealmagazine.org/The Things We Share. It's a well written and fascinating article. I agree with Buttom and I'm a Catholic.


In sports,  Chicago fans are getting used it. Both our teams are last in their divisions. Although, some of those Cub's "kids" look good. By he way, if there's a seventh game  in the World Series it will be played October 31st. But any postponements could push the post season into November. The World Series begins on October 23rd. Go Red Sox!

The Wall St. Journal had in interesting note a few days ago about how much actual tennis you get to watch in a match. They've done this for football (only 10:32  of action in a 3 hour game - 5.9 % of the time) and baseball (only 17:58 in 3 hours - only 10% of the time).

They took a stop watch and timed matches at the U.S. Open. They started the clock the minute a ball left the player's hand for a serve and stopped it the instant the ball hit the net, bounced for a second time or clearly landed out of bounds. In the  match between Leonardo Mayer and Andy Murray, that lasted  two hours and 41 minutes, they actively played for 26 minutes and 29 seconds or 16.4 % of the time.

So what takes so long? Well there are the breaks at changeovers and between sets. They argue and challenge rulings. But most of the down time was spent between points, when players strolled around, toweled off and bounced balls before serving. And you payed how much for those tickets?

In soccer,  FIFA announced that a million applications for the 1014 World Cup tickets in Brazil were received with seven hours.


English teachers must have cringed when Hannah Anderson, the teenager abducted and taken into the the Idaho wilderness by a family friend and eventually rescued, responded to a question on the "Today" show and said,  "Me and him would talk about how to deal with it."  She was referring to conversations she had with the man about the time she and her mother were going through tough times.  I'm sure the incident, in which the deranged man killed Hannah's mother and brother, left a horrible scar that will probably never go away.  We are all thankful Hannah survived.  But, "Me and him"?


Did you know that the Class of 1013 applicants for becoming an astronaut numbered 6,000? Only eight were chosen. Now,  the lucky ones will go through two years of training before  they're even approved to fly and will be rigorously tested for psychological as well as physical fitness.


My apologies to those who I have offended with my obvious negative feelings about people who are fat. As well as my belief that you simple have to digest fewer calories and exercise.  Melissa Healy had a story in the Chicago Tribune in which she reported that there could be microorganisms in the human gut that could play a role as to whether a person is lean or obese.  If you are over-weight you still could try. I know people have shed a lot of weight. They look and feel better.





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