The World's End: A clever and inventive movie about men who like being boys

Women recognize it and men won't always admit it, but it's fun being a boy again. Perfect proof can be found in  Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's new film, The World's End.  It's the third in a trilogy that started with Shawn of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007), but it's not at all necessary to have seen the first two in order to relish the insanity of the new one.

Every characters is played well. Simon Pegg is Gary King, a pure pleasure seeker who has never grown up. He tracks down a group of old friends in an attempt to finish the infamous pub crawl they never completed some twenty years ago. It happened in their hometown of Newton Haven, a small community famous for having the first roundabout in the U.K., as well as a series of 12 pubs within walking distance and ending at "The World's End".

The quest to The World's End get  underway

The quest to The World's End gets underway

The group includes Peter, married and a successful car salesman played by Eddie Marson;  divorced construction worker Steven Prince played by Paddy Considine; Real Estate agent Oliver Chamberlin played by Martin Freeman and  Andy Knightly, an uptight and proper lawyer r played by Nick Frost.

Reluctant  as some of the men are in trying to reinvent the past, a few pints along the way loosens them them up and the dialogue gets funnier as they get drunker. But WATCH OUT! There's a plot twist that sends the  movie off in an entirely different direction that needs a review of it's own, but I don't  want to spoil the surprise (although some critics have) and shame on them!

I could easily have done without the way the movie ended, but the change of direction is a courageous and an  adept way to satirize a move genre  that deserves to be put to rest. I kept laughing through  the whole thing, and if you'll just put aside any notions of a formula story, you will too.

Time: 1 hr 49 min

Rating:  "R" - Sexual references and perverse language

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