"Thanks For Sharing" - great cast but disappointing movie

Mark Ruffalo & Gwyneth Paltrow as Adam & Phoebe

Mark Ruffalo & Gwyneth Paltrow as Adam & Phoebe


The new film, THANKS FOR SHARING , explores the world of sex addiction with an all star cast including Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim Robbins, Alecia Moore (you know her as "Pink) and Josh Gad (from "Book of Morman"). Unfortunately, the movie tries to be a comedy, when it's basically a serious story about people who really have a problem.

The characters, for the most part, are likable but they are asked to do some pretty stupid things. Adam (Mark Ruffalo) is a New York environmental consultant celebrating five years of  sexual sobriety.  He attends 12-step meetings, similar to AA get togethers, and his sponsor, Mike (Tim Robbins) suggests he start dating again. Enter Phoebe (Gwyneth Paltrow), a breast cancer survivor and deep into exercise and healthy eating. She was once  married to an alcoholic and makes a point of not ever wanting to get involved with addiction again. Adam makes mistake #1 by not telling her of his problems.

Josh Gad & Mark Ruffalo

Josh Gad & Mark Ruffalo

Adam also becomes a sponsor to Neil, a young doctor addicted to porn. It's a breakout performance by Josh Gad, who was the original "fat guy" in "Book of Mormon" on Broadway and comes up with a fine performance of a complicated character in Thanks For Sharing. He befriends a hard-edged women named Dede, well played by Alecia More, better known as the singer/songwriter Pink, who can relate to men only through sex. It's their scenes that give this movie  a hard "R" rating.

If these problems weren't enough for you to be concerned with, director/screen writer,  Stuart Blumberg has added still  another disturbed character. Tim Robbins has a druggie son who comes home after an absence of some times and says he's gone sober, cold turkey and refuses any attempts to join a program. He and his dad really get  into it and Adam makes mistake #2 by becoming a real hard-ass .

It was a treat to see some of my favorite actors on the screen but disppointing in a story that fails to fullfill it's potential. It's much too dark to be a comedy, too complicated to be a romance and too unsatisfying to be a successful drama.

Time:  112 minutes

Rating: "R" for language and some strong sexual content






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