People, Connections, and Grand Mysteries of the Universe

People, Connections, and Grand Mysteries of the Universe

This past weekend turned into an important tale I simply had to share with my readers.

I’ve talked in previous articles about how vital the people in our lives are and how we all need to learn to jive with the flow of life. But this...this really takes those two concepts and ties them together in a neat little bow.

Actually forget the bow; this is a damn tapestry.

Let’s start the story with a jump 18 years into the past, literally half a lifetime ago for me. I was a young teenager in high school who’d always had a difficult time creating lasting friendships with my peers. Then one day in my senior year, a girl I barely knew and I joined forces on a whim to spend a kickass day ditching class.

That girl spent the almost two decades after that day as my best female friend.

Now fast forward to 2008. I dragged said best friend to a Velvet Revolver concert, something she wasn’t keen on attending in the first place but decided to come as my wingman anyway. During the show, in a shameless attempt to get myself backstage (I had a thing for Scott Weiland, what can I say), I made buddies with the tour’s front of house sound man (who would, incidentally, become my best male friend).

That same night, my best friend met another guy that was on the tour, and as fate would have it he was the man who would become her husband a year and a half later.

Around the same time, my mother started seeing a holistic chiropractor after having back surgery in 2007. This chiropractor turned out to be more than just a chiropractor....he was a genuine healer, attuned to the human body’s energies and able to diagnose & heal ailments that most western medicine doctors typically don’t have the first clue on (and usually just throw antibiotics at).

My mom started referring him out, first to my stepfather, then to my sister & I, then to friends of hers...a fews years down the road and the man had a devoted following of patients, many of whom stemmed from my mom’s referrals. He is to this day my primary doctor, and the man I go to for just about any ailment that befalls me.

Now set that information aside for a minute a let’s step back to the best friend.

With one more fast forward we’re now at the end of 2014 and the time when my best friend and her husband hired me to come out and work an event they were running in Atlanta, which turned into me working the larger domestic events with them, which turned into me working every event single with them.

That was the commencement of the travel-heavy gig I started working in early 2015, a position that took me all over the world. In mid-late July it took me to Australia and Bangkok, and although I apparently had to fly halfway around the world to do it, it was there that I met my mate. He had just been hired as the stage manager, having known my best friend’s husband for many years both personally and professionally.

We spent our time in Australia becoming fast friends, and by the time we boarded the flight to Bangkok (we sneakily switched our seats around so that we could spend the next 9 hours huddled together watching movies and napping) we had the strong suspicion that our lives had been forever changed.

I mean, when a man gives up a window seat for you, you know it’s true love.

And finally we arrive at present day. My Australia/Bangkok romance did indeed bloom into the love of a lifetime, and we now happily cohabitate in the Chicago area. We also frequently make trips together to see my holistic chiropractor, both for adjustments and to keep an eye on our overall health. The first visit we ever made to him together, my boyfriend had both his shoulders successfully cracked for the first time in his life. After that, he was 100% sold.

My guy is still touring for the time being and is currently production managing for a well-known pop artist. This past weekend, he was in town with his gig. I of course paid him a visit at the venue for the day. And along with me came our favorite chiropractor and healer, a special treat for the crew.

After a few sessions with various crew members, the buzz started to rapidly spread that this guy was pretty incredible. Sure enough, after a quick Meet N Greet session with some fans, the lead artist found some time to come down and see what all the hype was about.

As it turns out, that artist has someone close to his heart who has been very sick for years. After chatting with my doctor for about 20 minutes, the two of them made some strong plans to connect in the near future.

There seem to be a growing number of individuals out there who have illnesses that leave western medicine scratching its head in confusion. If there’s anyone on this planet who can get to the true roots and heal those individuals, it is this doctor. And now this artist may have finally found the healer he needs to save his loved one.

I was sitting in the room and listening to their conversation as all of this transpired. I left tingling with a sense of awe, a feeling that I had just witnessed a grand scheme of the universe playing out as I looked back at the progression of events that had brought all of us to this very moment.

- I made best friends with a girl in high school.
- My mom had back surgery and discovered a chiropractor who was also a natural healer.
- I started seeing the healer.
- I dragged my best friend to a concert.
- The best friend met her husband.
- The best friend, who was working for her husband, hired me.
- I met my mate.
- My mate met my healer.
- My mate hired my healer to treat his crew.
- The healer met the lead artist
- The lead artist will now have the opportunity to finally help a very sick loved one recover.


The ebb and flow of life, what an amazing thing...the universe certainly works in mysterious (and wondrous!) ways.

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