WWE Money In the Bank Predictions For Sunday's Event

WWE Money In the Bank Predictions For Sunday's Event

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view is Sunday night and the card is taking shape in a big way with not one but TWO ladder matches. The first being a traditional MITB briefcase match and the second being the first ever MITB ladder match with the World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs. Both ladder matches are stacked with proven veterans and up and coming “new blood”. There are plenty of storylines in those two matches alone. The rest of the card looks to be solidly in place with the Tag Team and Divas titles on the line and some feuds reaching culmination. On top of all that, the WWE Universe will get its first look at former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan since he was stripped of the titles. It should be a memorable night filled with solid matches and some surprises. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the card, predictions and where WWE is going heading into the middle of the summer.

Pre-Show: Daniel Bryan Appearance
Money in the Bank is forgoing the typical preshow match in favor of former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan making his first appearance since being stripped of the titles. Hopefully we’ll get a hint of just how far along Bryan is in his recovery and maybe even a possible return date. My guess is we’ll get a return date, which is hopefully sooner than later.

Prediction: DB announces he’ll return at Summerslam and Brie Bella will be “re-hired” at some point

Rybaxel vs. GoldStar
Now that Cody Rhodes has transformed into gold Paul Stanley he and his brother Goldust have found a winning formula. Two guys none too pleased with that turn around are Ryback and Curtis Axel, who have dropped a couple of matches to the gold bodied duo. While Rybaxel has been a solid tag team they don’t have much direction currently and I have a feeling GoldStar will go for the sweep against the Rybaxel.

Winner: GoldStar

WWE Divas Title: Paige vs. Naomi
Paige continues to take care of business against the Divas division and this Sunday she’ll face arguably her toughest test since she defeated A.J. for the title a few months back. Naomi is one of the better female wrestlers on the roster currently and certainly the better Funkadactyl. Naomi was originally supposed to be in the title mix around Wrestlemania season before she suffered a devastating eye injury that forced her to take time off and her push to be slowed down. Fast forward to the present time and she’s back in the title mix but her partner, Cameron, seems to be taking the same crazy pills that A.J. and Alicia Fox were prescribed. Cameron has had some heel tendencies as of late and definitely has drawn the ire of Naomi. It looks like the Funkadactyls will meet their demise sooner than later and a big chink in the armor will happen this Sunday thanks to Cameron and some ill-timed interference, costing Naomi the title.

Winner: Paige

Rusev vs. Big E
This rivalry is quickly turning in to a USA/Russia feud and Big E has become the 2014 “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan minus the 2X4 and lack of skin pigment. Rusev has been tearing up every opponent he’s faced and being pushed as a monster heel thanks to Lana and her love of Vladimir Putin. Big E seems to be treading water and while he had a great match against Rusev at Payback, I expect the result to stay the same and Rusev continue to impress.

Winner: Rusev (and the male fans who are pro-Lana)

Layla vs. Summer Rae (Special Referee: Fandango)
This rivalry has certainly been interesting in the fact that the only real winner has been Fandango, who has two women fighting over him. The two women have been after each other since Summer was “dumped” on Twitter by Fandango and he hooked up with Layla in Summer’s absence. I’m not really sure which way this match is going to play out, but I’m sure that whatever the result, it will end up with a sad and girlfriend-less Fandango.

Winner: Summer Rae (and Fandango’s relationship status updating to “single”)

Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper
These two teams have had quite the rivalry as of late, seeming to have matches against one another on a weekly basis. The Usos have been champions since March and while they have been great champions, it seems as though their reign needs to end in order for this rivalry to continue. Harper and Rowan have been a great tag team since they debuted and it feels like now is their time to capture the gold. I fully expect this match to be a possible “show stealer”.

Winner & new Tag Team Champions: Eric Rowan and Luke Harper

Traditional MITB Ladder Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
Originally, this match had seven participants but Bad News Barrett injured his shoulder during this past week’s Smackdown tapings courtesy of Jack Swagger and has now been ruled out of this Sunday’s match. It’s a stunning blow, considering Barrett’s character has not only quickly become a fan favorite but he had to have been considered one of the favorites to win the briefcase. There’s a chance WWE could add someone Sunday night but as of now this match will be a six man ladder match.

Three of the six participants are past briefcase winners, Kingston has become a staple for crazy spots in both ladder matches and Royal Rumble and the rivalry between Rollins and Ambrose will reach a boiling point, making this ladder match anything but second fiddle. Out of the six competitors I’d say Kingston, RVD and Swagger have the least likely odds of capturing the briefcase. That leaves Ziggler, Ambrose and Rollins. While Ziggler is over with the fans, it appears the WWE creative team does not feel the same way as he frequently jobs to opponents despite having a wealth of potential. Ambrose and Rollins will look to tear each other apart when they square off for the first time since Rollins turned his back on his Shield brothers. Ambrose will be out for Rollins’ blood and may cloud his mind when it comes to climbing the ladder to earn a title shot. Rollins capturing the briefcase will not only be the best outcome for storylines but it also fuels his alignment with Triple H.

Winner: Seth Rollins

MITB Ladder Match for the Vacated World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus vs. Cesaro vs. Kane
On paper this match has it all: former champions, young up and comers, and future WWE Hall of Famers. WWE has the opportunity to make the unfortunate circumstance of Daniel Bryan’s neck injury and turn a young up and comer into a bonafide superstar. The horrifying scenario is that WWE can stick with what they know and put the belts on a “been there, done that a hundred times” veteran like Cena, Orton or Del Rio. The addition of Kane doesn’t really do anything to the outcome of this match in my opinion and he seems like the least likely to hold the titles by the end of the night with Cesaro right behind him. As much as Cesaro has impressed and Paul Heyman has been money on the microphone I don’t see WWE putting the belts on him yet.

The rumors online are that WWE are considering putting the titles on (drum roll) John Cena yet again. I cannot stress how terrible a decision that would be. With the infusion of fresh faces it would be a downright travesty for WWE to play the Super Cena card yet again. If WWE wants to see the interest in their product drop faster than their stock price then by all means put the belt on Cena again.

As for the other participants: I don’t see WWE putting the belts on Al-Boredom Del Rio or the ginger mayonnaise known as Sheamus. That leaves Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns as the final three possibilities to win the belts. I absolutely love Bray Wyatt and everything about his character, however, I feel it might be too soon to put the belts on him, but he isn’t too far off. That leaves Orton and Reigns. Orton has already held the titles this year and it was less than impressive as he regularly took a backseat to The Authority and often came across as a wimp. He still has the backing of Triple H and Seth Rollins and the opportunity of a rift to begin to form between the three should Rollins capture the briefcase and Orton win the titles would be intriguing. However, the most intriguing scenario is if Roman Reigns is the man at the top of the totem pole and pulls down the belts. Not only does he have a major rivalry against the Authority but he has a major beef with Seth Rollins. The possibilities are endless if Rollins captures the briefcase and Reigns becomes champion as Triple H and the Authority will look to do anything to get the belts off of Reigns. This would be the most entertaining scenario and also the most logical, which means it probably won’t happen but damn it I want it to!

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion: Roman Reigns

What do you think is going to happen Sunday? Who do you see walking out of Money in the Bank as the champion and who walks out with the briefcase? Post your opinions, predictions and comments below.

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