Bray Wyatt: WWE's American Psycho

Bray Wyatt: WWE's American Psycho

If you look up at me you will see a friend. If you look down at me you will see an enemy. But if you look me square in the eye you will see a God.

That isn’t a quote from a Shakespeare play or a verse from scripture; those are the words of Bray Wyatt, the best character in WWE in a long time. Bray Wyatt has delivered both in the ring and on the microphone and been the most fascinating person currently on the WWE roster. His Bayou cult leader character has added a dark side to WWE programming and made both he and the rest of the Wyatt Family into some of the top attractions on WWE TV. Whether it's the creepy backwoods vignettes, the far off stares or the lights going out without warning there is a certain controlled insanity used to play mind games with both his opponents and the audience.

The jolt that Bray and the rest of the Wyatt Family have added to WWE harks back to the days of The Undertaker and the Ministry of Darkness.  The kidnapping of members of the WWE roster, the cult like following and the darker subject matter are all welcome additions to WWE programming.  As soon as you hear "We're here." followed by the southern guitar twang you know business is about to pick up.  It's the uncertain nature of Bray Wyatt that leaves you mesmerized, even if he's just sitting in a rocking chair at ringside.

Currently, Bray is in a program with John Cena for Wrestlemania XXX, which should tell you how highly his character is being viewed among WWE officials. Since he debuted in July 2013 Bray has developed his character beyond the cult leader of Luke Harper and Eric Rowan into a self righteous preacher who believes what he preaches. His promos have been out of this world as far as delivery, eloquence and he has the ability to suck you in to what he says. His delivery reminds me of Jake “The Snake” Roberts in that he doesn’t have to yell or use catchphrases to get his point across; he just uses his words, which can be one of his greatest weapons of all.

Along with the venom he can unleash on the microphone are his supremely impressive ring skills. Being a bigger guy with the athleticism and agility he has just adds to his character’s uniqueness and brutality. Having no regard for his body and being hell bent on destroying each opponent in the ring has shot him straight to the top of the roster and a high profile match at Wrestlemania against John Cena, the face of the WWE. If the WWE is smart they will realize a win over Cena is much more beneficial for Bray than vice versa.

After Wrestlemania it will be interesting to see who Bray Wyatt feuds with next. He already had a program with Daniel Bryan earlier this year that quickly was ended when the “Yes Movement” proved to be unwavering and should Bryan become World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania it would make sense to toss Wyatt into the title picture. The lack of top faces in the company makes it difficult to predict Bray’s next opponent but if his current work is any indication, he will bring his “A” game both on the mic and in the ring. The only way Wyatt’s momentum gets derailed is if the WWE has him lose to Cena and get involved in feuds without much direction. Hopefully, they “follow the buzzards” and let Bray continue to do what he does best.

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