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Turkey Bacon: A Taste Of What It's Like When You Can't Do It All. Day 18 of 365

Ever have those times you wonder how it will all get done? I’m feeling that way right now. Big time. This feeling usually hits particularly hard in May, when it seems there’s SO much to do — and not enough time to do it. When my kids were little, the spring and early summer activities seemed to converge on the family calendar all... Read more »

Clean Up After Yourselves! One Mom's Perspective On Feeling Invisible.

Clean Up After Yourselves! One Mom's Perspective On Feeling Invisible.
11/21/14 My dear Invisible Mamas, you’ve inspired a movement. Thanks to your viral response to this post, we’re sharing the pain and preventing house fires everywhere. Like the Invisible Mamas Facebook page to share your own most invisible moments through stories, photos, videos and podcasts. Original Post from 11/19/14 (Disclaimer for the haters: Yes, it... Read more »

Am I The ONLY Mom Sad About School Starting?

“Can you believe how this summer’s just flown by?” my mother asked during a recent phone call. “It’s funny,” I said, “but it’s actually felt like the longest summer of my life.” With three kids under the age of 16, I’ve spent the better part of these past three months driving kids to and from... Read more »

How Do You DO It All?

How Do You DO It All?
A friend I don’t see nearly enough stops me in the grocery store. “How do you do it all?” she asks, jutting a graham cracker toward her toddler’s outstretched hands. “Nora, please don’t try to crawl out of the cart.” “Me?” I say, bemused. “You think I do it all?” “Yes,” she says, smiling. “You’ve... Read more »
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    I tend to cover life's ups and downs. I don't shy away from the tougher, more emotional stories. While I'm always willing to voice an opinion, it sometimes contradicts my innate desire to please everyone at all times. Such is this crazy life, I suppose. Ultimately, I search for meaning in the human experience, and openly share how I (try to) keep my head above water. Thanks so much for dropping by. I really appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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