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2014 Race To Mackinac

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The annual Race to Mackinac (pronounced MAC-in-awe) is sailing’s Freshwater Marathon, and this year’s 106th race marks my husband’s 4th. Twenty-six summers ago, when Mike and I were interns in Chicago riding the METRA to and from our respective parents’ homes, he confided a dream. “Before I die,” he’d said, “I want to crew on... Read more »

So Different...And Yet So Similar

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My husband the sailor is fearless on the water. I, on the other hand, am not. He lives for the unexpected wind gusts, the on-the-spot problem solving, and the rails-in-the-water feeling of a boat heeled thisclose to tipping over. I do not. In fact, each one of those situations makes me throw up a little... Read more »