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Am I The ONLY Mom Sad About School Starting?

“Can you believe how this summer’s just flown by?” my mother asked during a recent phone call. “It’s funny,” I said, “but it’s actually felt like the longest summer of my life.” With three kids under the age of 16, I’ve spent the better part of these past three months driving kids to and from... Read more »

Barack Obama In My Dining Room

Barack Obama In My Dining Room
I’m in New York City for a writers’ conference. It’s the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) Annual Winter Conference. Betcha didn’t know societies like that even existed, did you? We don’t walk around in Harry Potter-like cloaks and we don’t sit around swapping nursery rhymes, either. We talk about what inspires children... Read more »

Am I Raising A Sniper?

My nine-year old has always been into video games and Nerf guns. He also frequently asks about JFK’s assassination. Therefore, I’ve often wondered if I’d unwittingly birthed a sniper rather than a precious little boy. This Memorial Day weekend, however, changed everything. “Mom?” my boy asked. “Where are the shells from Grandpa’s funeral?” I put... Read more »

Stuck Between TMI and Tweens

I’m riding between two huge waves these days: my parents are of a generation that understandably sees the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. as flooding society with Too Much Information, while my kids are surrounded by every available portal to access and share it. I understand the merits of both sides, but I’m stuck... Read more »

I Took My Eight-Year-Old To See The Hunger Games

I Took My Eight-Year-Old To See The Hunger Games
I did it. I took my eight-year-old son to see The Hunger Games movie. I hadn’t even read the book, nor had he. I don’t think Mary Pols of would approve. And no, I’m not clueless: I knew the story was about a group of children selected to fight to the death, leaving one... Read more »
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