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Hiding From A Gunman? What It Felt Like During An Active Shooter Emergency.

At 2:39 pm on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 14th, 2018, the students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University, near Chicago, received electronic alerts of a gunman on its campus. I was there when it all happened. Hours earlier, Northwestern students (and 90% [approximately 3,300] of students from nearby Evanston Township High School) participated in the first National... Read more »

The 1993 Comstock, Michigan Amtrak crash. Reaching out, twenty-five years later, hoping to close old wounds.

The 1993 Comstock, Michigan Amtrak crash. Reaching out, twenty-five years later, hoping to close old wounds.
I’m mailing the letters tomorrow, and I hope it’s the right thing to do. Twenty-five years ago, on March 10, 1993, I was involved in an Amtrak crash in Comstock, Michigan. One man, Nicholas Bakhuyzen, was killed. Another man, the train’s engineer, James Chiles, received 2nd degree burns on his face, head and arms. Despite Amtrak’s initial... Read more »

We're All Riding The Waves Of Life

We're All Riding The Waves Of Life
Sometimes it feels like you’ve really got this, that everything’s going to work out. Other times you wonder why you’d ever allowed yourself to think that way. Sometimes you face situations alone, scared half to death, only to “survive” and learn later that others felt exactly the same. Other times you breeze through storms, wondering — after the fact — how it was... Read more »

NYE got you down? Hope this helps you feel less alone.

NYE got you down? Hope this helps you feel less alone.
If you’ve ever experienced anything close to breathless sadness or profound loneliness, I understand. If you’ve wondered what tomorrow holds — and how you’ll get through to another morning — I’ve been there. And if you know the indescribable feeling in the pit of your stomach that accompanies a cocktail of uncertainty, confusion and bewilderment,... Read more »

Thanksgiving, Reconfigured

I have just a few, vague Thanksgiving memories from my youth… like tracing my hand on construction paper for those crafty, grade school turkey projects… and waking up, mid-morning in high school, to the delicious smells of stuffing and roast turkey. But it was only during my college years that I truly came to appreciate the holiday and install some lasting... Read more »

Moving On After A Classy Cyber Bully Rips My "MeToo" Post

This week I was cyber bullied on Facebook. It happened in the comments section under my latest post, inspired by the #metoo social media movement — an effort started in 1996 by Tarana Burke to foster understanding and compassion for victims of sexual assault. As Burke recently told CNN, “When you experience trauma and meet other people that have a... Read more »

A Birthday Message For My Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom. Despite your strength and beauty, you’ve always been the lady who — I know, I know — doesn’t want the spotlight…or to have your picture plastered here for all the world to see and share. So, I’m not “outing” you. No names. No photos. Mom, I know this post may embarrass you.... Read more »

Some Jerk Rifled Through My Unlocked Car Last Night

It takes me a minute to realize someone’s been in my car. I’m really not paying close attention. I’m hungry and I’m on a mission. I’ve been working on a deadline, too focused to think about breakfast this morning. And so, I walk out to my car — which is parked on the street, directly in front... Read more »

Eyewitness To The Anger Pumping Through Veins Of Some Americans

On Father’s Day, I stopped to fill my gas tank in Northbrook, Illinois. It’s a relatively wealthy suburb. I do not live there. I was not raised there. I finished pumping, then emptied the well of my driver’s side door of the weekly junk that accumulates: paper, tissues, an aluminum can, a piece of floss,... Read more »

Feeling Overwhelmed? Let A Few Spinning Plates Drop.

As I sit here contemplating all that I might possibly write, my body tenses as the horrible cycle of self doubt and overthinking begins: “What should this post even be about?” “Make it interesting…yet real…and authentic…but don’t overwrite…” “How in depth should I go? And isn’t it spelled indepth?” “Am I in a light mood?... Read more »
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